Online Appeals

Thank you for agreeing to be a Development Volunteer! Your efforts will help bring Park’s Annual Fund alive online!

This year we have partnered with Give Corps to create an enhanced online giving experience. This new platform allows for secure online payments, including recurring payments, and integrates with social media. 

You can access the new giving website here:

Online Goals 

  • To increase donations online
  • To encourage people to share their personal notes and stories
  • To celebrate their gift to Park by telling others through facebook and twitter
  • To build a culture of philanthropy that extends into social media!

Things to keep in mind when making the connection

  • Make a connection! If you are a fellow parent, a fellow alum, your connected in some other way, make sure he/she knows!
  • Embrace that you’re  a volunteer.  You’re reaching out because you care so deeply about the school.
  • Know the importance of the Annual Fund because it is a component of day-to-day life at the school. 

Example Appeals

Below are some examples to use when reaching out to Park community members.

Sample Text Message

Hi!  It’s (name). I am volunteering this evening for Park’s annual fund.  Hoping you will consider making a gift of x this year! 

You can make a pledge now and we’ll bill you.  Or you click on to donate today!

Thank you!

Sample Email

Hello!  This evening I am joining other Park parents, alumni and grandparents to reach out about Park’s Annual Fund.  Your support is so important and it is our goal to contact as many members of our community as possible to ask for their participation.

Most of Park’s budget comes from tuition income.  However, like all other independent schools, we depend on Annual Fund dollars to bridge the gap between income and expenses.  The Annual Fund is an essential component of Park’s operating budget. 

Please consider a gift of X. You can email me back with your pledge or go to right now to make your donation.

Thank you!