Student Support & Counseling Services

The Park School’s student support and counseling program is grounded in the school’s progressive philosophy, and the understanding that young people must be nurtured and supported not just academically and intellectually, but also emotionally and socially. The student support and counseling services provided at Park are comprehensive in scope and include developmentally focused services, curriculum, and programs in concert with this philosophy.

School Counselors

Park is staffed by three counselors who are instrumental in the delivery of support services to families. Services provided by our school counseling team include the following:

For Parents:

  • Resources on issues such as parenting, child development, peer relationships, divorce, grief and loss, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental health disorders, substance use, and more.
  • Consultation on social, emotional, and mental health concerns.
  • Confidential guidance and support.
  • Referrals to community based support services.

For Students:

  • Confidential counseling.
  • Conflict resolution support and facilitation.
  • Social skills education and support.
  • Resources and tools on topics such as friendship making, stress reduction, self-advocacy, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental health disorders, substance use, and more.
  • Screenings for mental health and substance use concerns.
  • Crisis management and intervention.
  • Referrals to community based support services.

Our School Counselors also:


Health Team

The Health Team is a cross-divisional and multidisciplinary group that meets weekly to ensure continuity of support and consistency of wellness programming and services across the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. Park School’s Health Team includes our three school counselors, the School Nurse, our Athletics Trainer, and two Human Sexuality Educators.

Katie Ackley
Director of Nursing Services
Lower School Counselor
Middle and Upper School Health Educator
Athletics Trainer
Human Sexuality and Health Educator and Park Connects