The Arts at Park

At Park, the arts are an essential part of our daily lives. They frame our experience of the world, serve as vehicles for personal expression, and enhance our exploration of history, culture, and heritage. Our students experience the arts as painters, actors, dancers, and musicians, as audience members, critics, and teachers. Art is often part of teaching and learning in other subjects. Art is everywhere in the school.

Welcome to Park Arts!

We in the arts department are thrilled to welcome you to our unique and wonderful Pre-K-12 arts program. As you explore these pages, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our beautiful Wyman Arts Center, to consider examples of our students’ artwork, to listen to our students and faculty describe their processes and approaches to art-making, and to peruse our exceptional Pre-K-12 visual and performing arts course offerings and curriculum. As you consider the role the arts play at Park, please know that all the work we do is grounded in our Arts Program Mission Statement:

The Park Arts Department encourages authentic artistic development and supports the rich inner lives of our students. We foster flexible thinking, artistic skills, aesthetic curiosity, and personal expression. We see our students as innately creative and ask them to explore a variety of perspectives, media, and modalities. Park students’ path to artistic growth includes play, consistent practice, embracing mistakes, and joyful connection to their identities, each other, and the wider world.

Our commitment to supporting our students’ authentic artistic development takes many forms: our faculty of teaching and practicing artists design classes and arts experiences that combine hands-on, active making and experimentation with cultivation of student voice, collaboration, and interaction with other artists within the broader arts community. Additionally, our commitment to teaching students to understand arts communities both within and beyond Park is reflected in our Resident Artist and Exhibitions programs, in our arts field trips, and through cross-divisional connections with local and national artists and arts organizations. We are fortunate to be a part of a vibrant arts community both within and beyond Baltimore. We look forward to sharing our work with you!

Best wishes,

Deborah Hull, Pre-K-12 Director of Arts


In Kindergarten through eighth grade, a sequenced and developmental program in visual and performing arts emphasizes expression, creativity, and skill mastery.

In the Upper School, the arts program provides opportunities for advanced study and accomplishment in several art disciplines.

Special programs and performances bring artists to our community. An Exhibitions Program brings several shows by visiting artists of national reputation to the school each year. An Upper School Exhibitions class assists in curating the shows and speaks about them in assemblies and to smaller groups in gallery presentations.

Students in all grades meet and work with local and national artists, create works of art that address similar themes, and hang their pieces in a complementary exhibition.

Residencies, assemblies, and field trips to museums, theaters, concert halls, and studios provide additional opportunities for students to learn from visual artists, musicians, dancers, and actors.

Upcoming Arts Events

Wyman Arts Center
Take a visual tour through our 44,000 square foot Wyman Arts Center.
Performing Arts
Our program allows students to create, perform, present, and produce.
Visual Arts
Students learn that growth as an artist requires commitment and integrity.