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Park Visitor on Campus

Congratulations! You’ve identified a new Park volunteer/vendor/partner that you are considering bringing on campus. To begin the process of clearance, please fill out this questionnaire completely.
1. Point of Contact for This Invitation(Required)
2. Visitor's Name(Required)
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Approximately How Long Visitor Will Be On Campus

4a. Start Time(Required)
4b. End Time(Required)
5. Please Choose an Appropriate Category for this Individual/Group You Plan on Inviting to Campus(Required)
6. Will the person/persons coming to campus be unsupervised on campus with students?(Required)

If you selected Transient visitor in #5, and answered no to #6, please follow the guidelines in the Transient Visitor Section below.

Please note that two classifications of persons coming to campus that require lead time to receive clearance to be on campus as planned: individuals working unsupervised with students/children require a screening that can take up to 20 days.

Vendors coming to campus who are not working with students and only require a criminal background check will likely need approximately 5 days for clearance.

Persons that fit into these two categories may come onto campus only once you receive notification of clearance from the appropriate office.

Transient Visitor Process – No Background Check/Screening Required

Visitors not fitting these two descriptions can be welcomed at the Front Desk, where they will provide their ID to go through the Raptor process, receive an access badge identifying them as a visitor to campus, and sign in and out.

As the point of contact, please ensure ALL visitors invited to campus know to check in at the Front Desk prior to making their way to their destination on campus and that they remain under supervision during their visit. If there are issues with regard to the visitor’s mobility, please be sure to let Security know prior to the visitor’s arrival so appropriate arrangements can be made.

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