Chris Case

Director of Library Services and Instructional Technology

Chris is Director of Library Services and Instructional Technology, coordinating library planning and budgeting, providing library support directly to students and teachers, and working with divisional Tech Coordinators to promote the use of technological solutions in the classroom.

He applies his technological and research expertise to school-wide initiatives. 

Chris began his work in libraries as an entry level cataloging assistant at the Sheridan Libraries at Johns Hopkins University. He worked his way up to become head of the Technical Services Department, oveersing acquisitions, cataloging, and metadata of all content acquired by Hopkins, including print and digital resources, as well as special collections.

Chris earned a B.A. in English from Boston College, and an M.L.S. with a concentration in Archival Studies from the University of Maryland. His published works include:

  • Addonizio, Valerie and Christopher Case. “Collaboration and Education: Engaging High School Students with EAC-CPF Research.” Journal of Archival Organization 12(1-2): 35-50.
  • Bockrath, Diane, Christopher Case, Elizabeth Rusch Fetters, and Heidi Herr. “Parchment to Pixel: The Walters Islamic Manuscript Digital Project.” Art Documentation 29(2): 21-26.
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Chris Case
Director of Library Services and Instructional Technology
At Park since 2021
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Boston College B.A. in English
University of Maryland, College Park M.L.S., Concentration in Archival Studies