June Bennett

Kindergarten Homeroom

June is a Kindergarten homeroom teacher. “I have the good fortune to spend my days nurturing some of Park’s youngest learners as part of our Kindergarten team. Highlights for me include helping students emerge as budding beginning writers, nurturing their curiosity about the natural world, and helping them build number sense.”

June began her career in education as a member of the initial year of Park’s Lower School Intern program. Her classroom experience spans from teaching Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first and second grades. She served as both Assistant Principal (directing the internship program in which she began) and Principal of the Lower School. Once she adopted a young child, June was thrilled to return to the classroom in the heart of the early childhood years.

“Children at the Kindergarten age are a joy with which to engage, as they are so open to new ideas and experiences. So many ‘firsts’ occur in a Kindergarten year!”

June serves on the K-12 Scope & Sequence Committee. She has been a presenter at AIMS and People of Color Conferences. She earned an A.B. in English from Dartmouth College, and an M.Ed. from Goucher College and was awarded Administrator 1 certification in School Leadership from Goucher.

In her free time, she loves reading, creating collage projects, and baking.

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June Bennett
Kindergarten Homeroom
At Park since 1995
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Dartmouth College A.B. in English
Goucher College M.Ed.