Windows 10

Windows 10 Helpful information

Microsoft has some great tips to help you learn the basics of Windows 10 and other Microsoft software (  Park IT thought we would highlight some of those tips that may be the best fit for employees at Park:

Organize Start with folders

Drag one tile on top of another to make a folder, then drag more tiles into it. To open the folder, just select it.

Automatically lock your PC

Pair your phone and PC using Bluetooth, then select Start  > Settings  > Accounts  > Sign-in options . Select the check box under Dynamic lock, and then take your phone and walk away.

Lock your PC in a second

Help keep your PC safe. Press Windows logo key  + L before you walk away from it.

Find apps, files, and more on your PC

Press the Windows logo key  and type the name of whatever you want to find in the search box.

Make things on your screen larger

To make just the text on your screen bigger, select Start  > Settings  > Ease of Access  > Display , then adjust the slider under Make text bigger. To make everything bigger, choose an option from the drop-down menu under Make everything bigger.

Snap apps side by side

Select any open window, then drag and bounce it against the side of your screen. All other windows you have open will appear on the opposite side. Select a window to have it fill the open space.

Simplify the Start menu

Apps in the Start menu sometimes use animations to show updates like new email or your next appointment. If these are distracting, turn them off. Right-click an app (or tap and hold it), and select More > Turn Live Tile off.

Customize your Start menu

Pin apps to the Start menu for quick access to what’s important. Select Start  > press and hold (or right-click) the app you want to pin > Pin to Start. You can also unpin the apps you don’t need.

Organize open apps with virtual desktops

To create a new virtual desktop, select Task view  on the taskbar > New desktop , then open some apps. To switch between desktops, go back to Task view.

Windows Defender

Park Windows 10 computers are equipped with Windows Defender. Here is a quick start guide to help you get familiarized with the software: