Special Programs and Activities

Activities complement the academic program by offering students valuable experiences outside of the classroom. They provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Interest and commitment are the most important ingredients for successful participation. Most activities meet once or twice weekly, though some meet more often. The vitality of our activities is dependent upon student enthusiasm, participation, and vision. The majority of our co-curricular activities are open to any interested Upper School student. We encourage all students entering the Upper School to consider lending their talents and energy to our co-curricular program. During Freshmen and New Student Orientation, students are invited to learn about the co-curricular offerings at an Activities Fair hosted by club leaders.

If students have a passion for an activity that is not already represented, we encourage them to meet with the Dean of Students to outline the mission of a new club, find a faculty member to support the club, and request start-up funds from the Student Activities Fund.

*The following clubs ran in past years; most will run again this year. An updated list of co-curricular activities will be available at the start of the school year.

Academic Clubs


Cultural Organizations

  • African Culture Club
  • Asian Culture Club
  • Asian/Pacific Islander Affinity Club
  • Black Female Forum
  • Black Male Forum
  • Civil Rights Trip
  • Israeli Culture Club 
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Latino Hispanic Coalition
  • Politics Club
  • Rainbow Alliance
  • Ski and Snowboarding Club
  • Young Republicans

Publications/Media Activities/Music

  • Brownie (Yearbook)
  • Clio (Historical Journal) 
  • JV Jazz
  • Klezmer Band
  • Literary Magazine
  • Ojalá  (Spanish Language Magazine)
  • Park Podcast
  • Postscript (School Newspaper)
  • Writ

Service Oriented Groups

  • Admissions (Upper School Student Ambassadors)
  • Annual FundClub
  • Bruins Athletics Council
  • Computers for Kids
  • Mentors
  • Michael Cardin Writing Tutors
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Club
  • Park Service Club
  • Partners at Park
  • (PAL)Park and the League for People with Disabilities
  • POWER (Parks Organization for Women’s Empowerment and Rights
  • Student Senate
  • Student/Faculty Forum 
  • TLC
  • Tutoring at KIPP
  • UNICEF Global Leadership Club
  • World Soccer Project