Special Programs and Activities

If students have a passion for an activity that is not already represented, we encourage them to meet with the Dean of Students to outline the mission of a new club, find a faculty member to support the club, and request start-up funds from the Student Activities Fund.

Beekeeping Club
Beekeeping Club is focused on caring for the Park School beehives (ex. varroa checks and monthly feeding), learning about bees, as well as harvesting and selling honey. We also do a variety of activities related to honey and wax.

Book Club
Do you love books in all their forms?  If so, join us in book club, where the group will decide on books to read, and meet about once a month to discuss them.  We will also have weekly meetings to chat about all things books and library.  People who attend weekly meetings will be able to assist with library displays and recommend books to be purchased for the Park library.   We are open to reading any genre.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a slow or fast reader, everyone is welcome and It’s a good opportunity to make friendsacross different grades.

Civil Rights Trip
Since 2004, students and faculty from Park School, Baltimore City College High School, and City Neighbors High School fundraise, study, and prepare for a trip through the South visiting sites and meeting people that were – and are – important to the Civil Rights Movement. What they experience is used as a springboard for discussion about activism and ways we can tackle current civil rights issues in Baltimore and beyond.

Debate Team
The Park School Debate Team is a competition-focused team where students learn about contentious modern issues and develop argumentative and public speaking abilities through debating otherschools– all while having fun as a team and engaging with schools across Maryland! We compete in Public Forum debates where two teams two debate a resolution released by the National Speech and Debate Association. We also have members compete in individual speech events where they present scripted or improv speeches on political or social issues. In the past, we have debated issues from legalizing all drugs to NATO’s presence in the Baltic states.

First Tech Challenge Robotics Team
Each year, the Robotics Team designs and builds a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition.  We get six weeks starting at the beginning of January to build, meeting after school and on weekends.  We are looking for members to fill both technical roles, such as programming and mechanical design, and non-technical roles, such as fundraising and graphic design.  No prior experience necessary; all you need is a desire to learn!  Meetings typically begin during the fall on a once-a-week basis.

Future Medical Professionals of America
Are you considering a career in the medical field? Do you dream of becoming a medical professional? Well, our club called Future Medical Professionals of America is great for you! We meet twotimes a month and once with a guest speaker in the medical field, who is happy to answer your questionsabout their journey to medical school and their career path.  Everyone is welcome to join!  You don’t have to be sure of your career path to join this club.

Gallery Committee
Gallery Committee is involved with the art exhibitions at Park— we are involved with installation and deinstallation of exhibitions doing things like, painting walls, hanging vinyl, and art handling. The group also serves as an advisory committee to the department and helps make decisions about themes and artists involved in the shows and the resident artist each year. We try to get off campus and see artwork in the DMV region. Art experience is not necessary.

International Student-Led Arctic Monitoring and Research (ISAMR)
The International Student-led Artic Monitoring Research (ISAMR) club is a group of students that conduct original research in the sub-artic.  There are two main research trips each year: one in August focusing on the permafrost, and one in October focusing on Polar Bear whisker prints.  During the year members of the club process the data from the research in Churchill to present through scientific papers, at conferences, and to the school community.  Time is also spent learning about the culture of the indigenous people in our study area, the Sayisi Dene.  ISAMR as a program includes a wide variety of students, from other students in Baltimore to Junior Canadian Rangers, who live in the sub-artic year round to other Canadian high schoolers.  ISAMR is great for you if you’re interested in science, want to learn about other cultures, or just like cool adventures. 

Math Squared
If you’re interested in doing fun math problems, practicing for your favorite math class, or exploring how math interacts with society, this is the club for you!   The Math Squared club prepares teams to represent Park in local and regional math competitions, practicing techniques for mental math and useful problem-solving strategies.  Competing is not required to come to the club and as long as you’re interested in math, this club is for you regardless of your current class or skill level!

Mock Trial
Mock Trial is an activity where we closely study and discuss a “mock” case and prepare to defend both sides against other high school teams in a statewide competition.  Students take on attorney and witness roles to present the case in real courtrooms in front of real judges and lawyers. Hours of discussion, team collaboration, and the guidance of Tony Asdourian and Jamie Altchek, as well as local, experienced attorneys, create strong arguments and a close-knit group. 

Model UN
Model United Nations is an exciting opportunity to learn about world events and attend MUN conferences- simulations of the U.N.  At conferences, our school represents a country and by forming alliances, blocs, and writing resolutions, progress can be made.  If you enjoy debates and simulations in history class, then you’ll love competing with students around the world for the interests of your country.

Stage Band
Do you like playing arrangements of popular music, Jazz, Klezmer, Funk, or Mambo? This ensemble is open to winds, brass, strings, rhythm section (bass, guitar, piano, and drums/percussion) and vocalists who want to improvise and harmonize in a student lead group.  The group performs at seasonal concerts and school events.  You do NOT need to have prior experience on your instrument: we are open to everybody interested.  We will develop a variety of skills: sight reading, improvisation, and performing will be our focus.  Hope to see you there

Asian Culture Club
(*Please note that this club is open to everyone who is interested in Asian  culture and that it is not an affinity group.)  We both learn and introduce the Eastern side of the world through music, food, and games to Park students.  A major project that we do is to organize a school-wide Lunar New Year Festival.

Asian/Pacific Islander Affinity Club
This affinity group is for Asian and Pacific Islander (API) students who are interested in discussing topics relative to API people at Park School and beyond.   The club provides an opportunity for API students to consider this particular aspect of their identity, to enjoy the company of other API students, and to develop programming that will increase the visibility of the API community at Park.

Black Female Forum
Black Female Forum is a safe space for Black females at Park (gender queer students, faculty, and stuff are welcome as well).  In this club, we share personal thoughts and issues, and we also discuss current events that affect Black people, and plan events for our community. 

Black Male Forum
Black Male Forum is a club in which we talk about being a Black male in society today.  Discussions range from day to day banter, intellectual debates about race, class, and even politics.   We also plan assemblies, events, and even protests.  Black Male Forum is not an exclusive club, anybody and everybody is welcome.

Hellenic Heritage Initiative
Did you know that the Greeks invented philosophy, sociology, democracy, and fancycolumns.  We also have very, very, very good food.  Learn more and eat spanakopita, karpouzi, loukaniko, souvlaki, moussaka, baklava, galatoboureko, and loukoumades.  No obligations, no cost, no worries.  We meet every few weeks.  

Jewish Student Union
The mission of the Jewish Student Union is to help teens explore and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Jewish people.  JSU facilitates regular club meetings in schools that meet during the lunch hour, before or after school, providing food for the body and soul.  Programs include speakers from a variety of Jewish organizations, discussions on timely topics of interest to the participants and interactive activities.  Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Starbucks, holiday foods or other snacks are always served.  In addition to the regularly scheduled school club meetings, JSU sponsors activities outside of school including retreats, citywide holiday parties, community service projects, ski trips, Friday night dinners, international trips, and other exciting events.

Male Discussion Club
Our group aims to discuss difficult topics around men. We hope for our group to be a safe space for male identifying to speak amongst each other.

Multiracial Affinity Club
Do you live in a multicultural household? Do you have parents or guardians from different ethnic groups? Do you experience food, holidays, culture, music, art, etc. through the lenses of multiple cultures in your family? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s possible that you identify as multiracial and are a perfect fit for our affinity group! This affinity group is for multiracial people to explore all aspects of their racial identity and connect with others that share similar experiences.  We will be able to discuss what it means to be multiracial and share experiences and culture, as well as talk about injustices, representation, and what we would like to see changed (in addition to taking action to change it!).

POWER (Park’s Organization for Women’s Empowerment and Rights) 
POWER is a group that provides a safe space to discuss, plan, and take action in the Park community. Recently, there has been more of a push from the women at Park for change.  In the past there have been multiple Postscript articles and conversations surrounding the sexism that occurs in and outside of our classrooms.  Our goal is to continue these conversations and push for equality at Park.  During our weekly meetings, we will be having conversations about the female experience at Park, listening to speakers, as well as taking real action within the community. *NOTE: You do not have to identify as female to be part of this group!  Though we will be having conversations about the female experience, POWER is open to all people in the Park community.

Pride Club
This club aims for any student who falls under the LGBTQ+ umbrella at Park to have a safe place to discuss their identity and be themselves, as well as interacting with others that have similar experiences to their own.  As well as LGBTQ+ students, we welcome any allies who wish to learn more about LGBTQ+ issues to join us.

The purpose of our activity is to bring that ‘world centric’ view to Park students through food, film, documentaries, games, discussion, festivals, holidays, information sessions,  and so much more. We would also like to bring attention to the struggles of being new immigrants in a foreign country.  Regularly, we would like to offer Park students an opportunity to aid the refugee/immigrant community in volunteer projects.

Student Leftist Coalition
The SLC is a place to gather to learn about what a just society would look like through a left-leaning lens.  Through hearing from local leftist activists and examining the writings of famous leftist thinkers such as Angela Davis, leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and Karl Marx himself, we hope to obtain a better understanding of leftism and become more informed participants and critics of the society we live in.  We welcome those from all places on the political spectrum, and will hold honest conversations across political divides– a practice which we firmly believe is essential to the health of our democracy.

Brownie (Yearbook)
Brownie is responsible for the design, material, and publication of the school’s yearbook. We photograph the student and faculty body, compile spreads, and write segments, altogether making the school’s most important publication of the year.

Ojalá  (Spanish Language Magazine)
Each week we’ll read 2-4 poems, stories, essays and other works written by students fromSpanish classes at Park. When we meet, we’ll have discussions in Spanish in order to decide which will be included in the Spanish Literary Magazine. At the end of the year, we’ll compile all of the selected pieces, in order to create our issue. It’s a great way to practice your Spanish in a fun and easy-going environment.

Park Journal
The Park Journal, which is published monthly, is a publication of academic student work.  Pieces are submitted by faculty members or students themselves to a group of students and faculty for anonymous consideration. If you are interested in helping to decide which pieces are ultimately included, editing chosen work, illustrating the Journal, and/or putting the issues together, come join us!

Postscript (School Newspaper)
Our mission is to create a newspaper that informs and highlights the Park community.  Our sections include News, Commentary, Features, Arts and Culture, and Sports.  We also provide an opportunity for students to develop strong writing and editing skills.

Admissions (Upper School Student Ambassadors)
The purpose of the Student Ambassador Program is to support the Admissions Office with many of its functions and operations.  Student Ambassadors provide support by participating in programs and activities that promote Park School in the community.  Activities include hosting prospective students, giving tours of the school, attending school fairs, and sharing personal experiences of Park’s values, philosophy, and community with prospective families.  The Student Ambassador Program is looking for anyone who has a positive attitude about our school and would like to share this with people interested in Park.

Bruins Athletics Council
Bruins Athletic Council serves to encourage student athletes on campus to continue their athletic career throughout Middle/Upper school. BAC hopes to recruit new athletes each year onto all of our sports teams.  We strive to make connections between our Middle School and Upper School teams to form a strong athletic community, and start developing stronger skills in our younger athletes.  Our club also serves to strengthen school spirit by promoting athletic events and encouraging student turnout at games to support our student athletes.

Climate Change Collective
Climate Change Collective gives Park a space to advocate for our environment, both within the school, and in the larger Baltimore community.  We will learn about climate issues and be a collective voice for change. Our mission is to put our school on the path to climate stability in a just and equitable way, and to inspire action on the local and state level to do the same, and we will work to strategize and execute initiatives to work towards that mission.

Helping Hands
The purpose of this club is to fundraise money through various events such as bake sales and donations.  All the proceeds will go towards food, clothing, and necessary items (mouthwash, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.) for homeless individuals.  We will package up all the items and hand them out to those in need.  We hope to volunteer at homeless shelters once a month.   We are looking for creative, dedicated, and open minded individuals to help out fellow Baltimore citizens!

Like Minds
Like Minds is a club for Upper School students who have learning plans. We work to combat the stigma surrounding learning differences and to create a stronger community within Park. In addition to advocating about issues surrounding learning differences, we mentor middle schoolers in order to develop a cross-divisional bonds.

Mentors are committed to fostering connections across grades, and helping to build our community’s strength and resilience.  All club members either have or will receive training from an organization called Sources of Strength, which promotes the creation of healthy habits and a personal support system.  Our club’s mission is to spread hope, help, and strength throughout our community by encouraging students and staff to recognize and turn to their own strength and support in times of need.  This year, we are super excited about all of our plans to introduce a new peer-to-peer mentor program, grow our social media platform, and host community events.

Michael Cardin Writing Tutors
After training in Writing Practicum (an Upper School semester elective), student tutors staff and run the Michael Cardin ’85 Writing Center. Tutors work with Lower, Middle, and Upper School writers in a variety of settings, including one-on-one conferences and small workshop groups. They attend regular staff meetings to debrief and to discuss and practice their tutoring skills.

Neighborhood Revitalization Club
The Neighborhood Revitalization Club (NRC) is a student-led group that works with community partners to help build healthy neighborhoods in Baltimore.  We work with both Civic Works and neighborhood residents to transform vacant areas into green spaces.  Upon completion, NRC and Civic Works hand over the responsibilities of maintenance and regular upkeep of the space to neighborhood residents.  The NRC was formally affiliated with Habitat for Humanity, but now only partners with Civic Works’ Community Lot Team for monthly projects.  The NRC is responsible for a large portion of fundraising, so we plan and execute many fundraisers while learning virtually. 

Park Fund Club
The Park Fund Club is a great opportunity for students to develop fundraising skills by assisting the development office with The Park Fund. The Park Fund is transformational for every student, every day. Formally known as the Annual Fund, this community-wide fundraising effort impacts all aspects of the Park experience. What we do in meetings varies on a weekly basis. We ask for donations over the phone, plan events, work on projects (such as videos and thank you cards), and make care packages for alumni in college. However, we are not limited to these activities. We are always open to new ideas as we hope to make the biggest impact that we can on the Park community.

Park Service Club
Park Service Club is devoted to helping out the communities that we are a part of as Park Students- be that the Park Community or the greater Baltimore City Community.  As a group, we also try to involve the rest of the Park student body in the work with other local organizations, both in fundraising and volunteering.  PSC is a great way to get involved outside of school by participating in meaningful projects or volunteering in new places.  Generally, the club plans a new project or fundraiser each month, and also provides opportunities for students to volunteer locally.

Partners at Park
Partners at Park is an all-school club that pairs younger students of color backgrounds with Upper School mentors. We work to broaden the discussion of diversity at Park, and to create strong student bonds across grade levels.

(PAL)Park and the League for People with Disabilities
The purpose of the PaL Partnership is to raise money for The League for People with Disabilities and to visit The League and spend time with participants.  PaL has raised over $15,000 in scholarship money for League participants to attend Camp Greentop, a summer camp for people with mental and/or physical disabilities.  Each of the last three years, PaL has hosted a 3-on-3 basketball tournament fundraiser and run a fantasy football league for Park students.   PaL members have also volunteered at events at The League and held fantasy football drafts at Park with League participants.

Rising to the Challenge
We have all seen the news of national crises around the world; Ukrainian refugees, the food crisis destroying Afghanistan, and the inflation ruining homes in Venezuela are just some of the pressing calamities of recent years. Park’s Rising to the Challenge Club gives students the opportunity to address the charitable, societal, and humanitarian needs of others, both locally and around the world. This club will organize initiatives to raise awareness, as well as charitable events to generate proceeds.

Student Senate
What is the purpose of the Senate?  Is it to plan the best dances in the area? Is it to raise school spirit? Sure, we do those things.  However, at Park, Senate is more: it is a group of representatives who advocate for the changes desired by the student body.  We meet once a week to plan fundraisers, vote to grant money to clubs, receive updates regarding each faculty department, and discuss any proposals/questions that the larger student body has made.  More broadly, we use student input to make positive changes to the community.  We have an open door policy: even if you are not an elected senator, we welcome all thoughts.  

Tutoring at Baltimore Montessori Charter School
Montessori is a great way to delve into the world of instructing kids, and working with them to improve their skills in school.  It is an amazing way to create a bond with a child that will look up to you, and get excited when you return each week!  In the past, we haven’t formally met regularly.  Each week, the first eleven people are able to go into the city and work in the classrooms.  

Tutoring at KIPP
In partnership with the KIPP Ujima Village Academy, a public charter school in Baltimore City the Park group will travel to KIPP and support students with their school work.  The goal is not only to improve KIPP students’ academic work, but to create a lasting partnership and bond with the students at the KIPP school. This mentorship program will create opportunities for individual support in learning, while also giving Park students a chance to improve their tutoring and leadership skills. 

Baking Club
Baking club is a fun opportunity for students of all grades to get together and make something as a group. Regardless of your experience or knowledge of baking, we welcome you to join. Take a break from work and stress to bake together.

Baseball Club
Baseball club is a chill, zero commitment club where we simply talk about the sport. If you are a fan we encourage you to stop by and join the debates, predictions, and fun.

Basics of Investing
Learn how to invest and grow your money through activities and fun lessons

Board Game Club
We will meet once a week to play board games.  Feel free to bring your favorite.  Or come just to hang out and watch people play.

Chess Club
Chess Club is a fun place for students of all skill levels.  Meetings will be a combination of lessons and match play, but we are open to accommodate any activity that someone may want to do.

Hiking/Outdoors Club
Does the thought of going on adventures and making unlikely friends excite you? If so, you should join the Hiking and Outdoors club! Hiking and Outdoors club serves as an outlet for teens at Park to explore the outdoors and build relationships with community members. As the name suggests, we do all things outdoors and are open to ideas for activities. In the last 4 months of school last year, we went on five different hikes and one camping trip. This year we plan to diversify our itinerary and include activities such as canoeing or fishing.We will be meeting every Tuesday at 1:00, where we quickly plan and vote on our next adventure. 

Juggling/Circus Arts Club
Learn to juggle from scratch, or improve your abilities by learning to pass, or using different props.  The club will build foundational juggling and circus abilities, hand eye coordination, and a strong sense of community.

Listen Up! Music Discussion Club
Think book club, but with music.  Each week a member will choose an album that they like or want the group to listen to and we will meet the following week to discuss.

Magic Gathering Club
In this club, we will be playing Magic the Gathering tournaments, drafts, and casual play (prizes may be included).  We can also assist with teaching the rules and deck creation if you are having trouble. 

Opera Club
The Opera Club is for both opera fans and people interested in knowing more about opera! Opera is NOT boring- most opera is far more complex and interesting than modern pop music. We will watch operas, talk about opera, and possibly go see some at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. We will also try to teach others about how AWESOME opera is!!!!! 

Origami Club
Ever wanted to learn how to fold origami? Want to fold, share models, or exchange ideas with your peers? Park’s newly-official origami club meets every week on Friday for some casual paper folding. No matter your experience, we’d love to see you come – paper is provided! Hope to see you there!

Park Against Gun Violence
PAGV (Park Against Gun Violence) is a club where we fight against gun violence through spreading awareness, fundraisers, joining local marches and contacting local and federal politicians to show our support in gun safety legislation. Join this club to become an activist fighting against gun violence!

Park Arts
Park Arts is for students with interests in the performing arts. The activity is responsible for all aspects of putting on Goldsoundz: assisting with putting the set list together, finding MCs, helping to set/strike the events, and put it in announcements. Most Park Arts members are also Goldsoundz performers. These shows will be held five times for the 2022-2023 year in the Macks-Fidler Theater (Blackbox.) 

Philosophy Club
What if there is life after death? What if there are aliens? What if it’s your fate to join Philosophy club? Come on down to room 445 on Thursdays if you enjoy asking questions and debating answers. It will be a chill time all the time and there is no serious commitment required. See you there!

Politics Club
In the Politics Club, we will have a safe environment for people to come and learn about current events in the political world, and to have rich conversations to unpack those events.

Public Speaking and Presentation Club
Public Speaking and Presentation Club is a place for students to improve their public speaking skills, prepare for different kinds of presentations, and gain experience presenting in front of people (from small crowds to large). We will meet weekly to discuss the fundamentals of public speaking and presenting, watch videos of experts, and of course practice. If you are involved with our club, you may have the opportunity to give a short presentation in front of the Upper School at one of the assemblies. Whether you have little experience in public speaking or love speaking and presenting in front of crowds, please consider our club and stop by to check it out!

Rubik’s Cube Club
Teach beginners method and then progress throughout the year.  Teach short cuts, how to build speed, and maybe try more complicated cubes

Ski and Snowboard Club
Meetings will be held every week discussing the winter conditions and availability. Leaders might talk about their skiing and snowboarding experiences or ask other students about their’s. Leaders may also be showing students short and informational videos about skiing and snowboarding. By doing this, our leaders hope to encourage students to ski and snowboard with each other this winter. 

Tech Crew
Tech crew are responsible for building the sets, designing the lighting, running the sound, and working backstage for theatre productions at Park. We are also in charge of running school events such as Goldsoundz, assemblies, and the occasional concert. It’s a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new friends and contribute to the school. Your experience is as much as you make it, both in time put in and skills learned. No prior experience is required as there will always be someone happy to teach you something new.