Civil Rights Trip

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”
—Martin Luther King Jr.

Since 2004, students and faculty from Park School and Baltimore area schools, including Baltimore City College High School, fundraise, study, and prepare for a trip through the South visiting sites and meeting people that were — and are — important to the Civil Rights Movement. What they experience is used as a springboard for discussion about activism and ways we can tackle current civil rights issues in Baltimore and beyond.

“The Civil Rights Trip embodies experience-based learning. It was an unforgettable week with lessons of accountability, empathy, and compassion that still structure how I view the world today. This trip instilled in me a deep desire to empower change in the world through just education.”

—Post ’19

“The Civil Rights Trip lit a fire in all of us to bring what we saw and heard into our lives moving forward, and those memories continue to serve as inspiration to me in the continued work we all must do.”

—Mahey Gheis ’18

“The trip encapsulated everything that the movement stood for: community, progression, and empowerment. It was an honor to learn history in places with such deep historical significance.”

—Atira Koikoi ’17

Blogs from the Civil Rights Trips