Current Year FACA Projects

FACA Projects 2022

One-Week Projects

Develop Syllabus/Course Content for Exhibitions Design: Architecture

Janna Rice

Development of Executive Function Curriculum

Karyn Fisher

History 10 Curriculum Redesign

Katherine Arner

Animation Training

Janna Rice

Best Practices on Teaching Writing

Nicole Scott

Civil Rights Movement Journey

Sonja Hayes

Creating Sub Lessons Centered on DEI and Music

Yazmine Fleming

Foundations – Logic of English Curriculum

Katelyn Levinson, Becky Bloom, Meg Brown, Cara Gamble, Alicia Grothmann, Margie Herman, Marilyn Milton, Adam Rogers, June Bennett, Shannon LeVan

Foundations – Logic of English (part 2) Master Teacher Training

June Bennett, Shannon LeVan

Full History Department

Katherine Arner, Samuel Chapin, Grace Gahagan, Sonja Hayes, Anne Porter

Gr 7 LA & SS Curriculum

Pailin Gaither, Geoff Meyers

History 10 Curriculum Redesign

Samuel Chapin, Caroline Ingram

Jazz Scope & Sequence

Adele Dinerstein, Chris Peterson, Maeve Royce

Learning Support/Advoc8

Besty Gerding

Library 6 Planning

Liz Proctor

Online Course: How to Learn Math for Teachers

Becky Bloom, Linda Brennan, Meg Brown

Researching Scientists, Engineers and Artists in STEM Fields

Anna Droege

Scope and Sequence – First Grade

Cara Gamble

Update/Diversify Team-Taught Courses

Angela Balcita, Adele Dinerstein

Two-Week Projects

Comprehensible Input Ideas and Techniques

Pelle Wertheimer

Compile Gr 3 Resources for Theme and ELA

Addie Adelugba

Acclimating new MS Math Faculty

Dave Lowther

Diversify the Music Curriculum

Bruce Bryant

History 9 Curriculum

Grace Gahagan, Anne Porter

Improving Offerings for Classroom Instruction

Rhys Joseph

Modern Language Benchmarks

Nathalie Behrens, John Cruz, Xiaomu Hu, Deborah Hull, Jonathan Montalvo Roman, Sofia Park, Elizabeth Ransom, Jenny Sorel, Gabriela Villanueva

Research Portfolios & Conferences

Alpana Chibber, Fathim Craven, Heather Freas-Kostic, Carrie Vaughn

Creating Technology Education Space for Faculty

Christopher Case, Rich Espey, Yazmine Fleming, Stradine Harris, Margie Herman, Tara Northcott, Alison Penning, Ann Starer

Alignment of Library collection for PreK-Grade 2

Katelyn Levinson

Decolonizing the Language Classroom and Instruction

Jacklyn Deacon

Etymology and Semantics Deep-Dive

Sarah Schwartz

Literacy Through Play and Beyond in PreK

Linda Butler, Anna Taylor

Re-imagining the DNS Unit

Tony Asdourian, Tom Brown, Mimi Cukier, Jordan Paschke, Garrett Ruley, Katherine Socha

Reading and Processing Literature Related to DEI

Tara Northcott

CRT from a Latinx Lens

Alejandro Hurtado

Classroom Curriculum Development & Outdoor Curricular/ Co-Curricular Development

David Fenigstein, Elizabeth Fisk, Carla Guarraia, Alexis Hudes, Blair Northcott, Tara Northcott, Melissa Osquist, Julie Rogers

Ditto Mag

Christina Cubera, Bonnie Frost

English 9 Curriculum

Angela Balcita, Salvador Barajas, Lubna Najar, Kirk Wulf

How to Learn Math for Teachers

Elise Altschuler, Jenny Harbold

Logic of English – Preparing for a new ELA program

Ali Baran, Harley Bosco, Jenny Harbold, Michele Shirah

Public Digital Humanities

Salvador Barajas, Sonja Hayes

Redesign the sequence and content of 6th and 7th grade games

Gina Braden