FACA Projects 1989 – 2019

“The beauty of the FACA model is in its balancing an organized structure and an organic planning process, generating new initiatives from one year to the next and enabling us to follow through on key strategic priorities.”

Daniel J. Paradis
Head of School



Upper School Science: Core 10 Curriculum Development

Carla Guarraia and Julie Rogers (co-chairs), Elliott Huntsman, Jeff Jennings, Tess Kysel, Melissa, Osquist, Mick Scott. 


Discovering Google Earth to Experience the Francophone World

Sofia Park (chair)

Interdisciplinary Studies 2019

Ileana Imhoff and Patricia Porcarelli (co-chairs), Jon Acheson, Arnaldo Cohen, Mick Scott, Christine Tillman

It’s Time: Shaping a Planned, Sequenced Human Sexuality Curriculum for Parks K/Lower School Students

Debbie R. (chair), Alejandro Hurtado, Carlee Jensen, Marilyn Milton, Sarah Shelton

Male Students of Color in Lower School

June Bennett and Linda Butler (co-chairs), Tracy Baker-Sims, Becky Bloom, Christina Cubera, Gerald Patrick, Matt Hannibal, Jenny Harbold, Stradine Harris, Rhys Joseph

Music Technology

Douglas Jameson (chair), Adele Dinerstein, Chris Peterson

Responding to the Wellness Needs of our Students

Krista Dhruv (chair), Zella Adams

Social Emotional Learning in the Lower School: Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviors

Zella Adams and Ali Baran (co-chairs), Elise Altschuler, Tracy Baker-Sims, Christina Cubera, Bonnie Frost, Alicia Grothman, Jenny Harbold, Alejandro Hurtado, Marilyn Milton, Gaby Villanueva

Think, Design, Build: Constructing a Drawing and Painting Curriculum in the Lower School

Alison Penning and Ann Starer (co-chairs)

This is What It Looks Like: Communities of Color

Co-chairs: Demara Austin, Angela Balcita, Leela Chantrelle


Digging in: A Renewed Commitment to the Lower School Garden

Alison Penning (chair), Kristin Baker, Bart Cook, Stradine Harris, Katrina Holmberg, Laura Jacoby, Carlee Jensen, Emily Shuttenberg, Jillian Van Ells

Stories from Home

Karyn Fisher and Gaby Villanueva (co-chairs), Susan Asdourian, Christina Cubera, Laura Jacoby, Sofia Park, Nicole Scott, Maria Spiegel

Upper School Science: Core 9 Curriculum Revisions

Michael Guarraia (chair), Tess Kysel, Maggie Mahmood, Melissa Osquist, Mick Scott


Artists at Work

Angela Balcita and Christine Tillman (Chairs), Jon Acheson, Gina Braden, Adele Dinerstein, Nancy Fink, Mike Guarraia, Rhys Joseph, Alison Penning, Janna Rice

Beyond the Essay: Creating and Evaluating Major Assessments in the Upper School (History and Modern Language)

Jon Acheson (Chair), Katherine Arner, Archer Davis, Xiaomu Hu, Ileana Imhoff, Elizabeth Proctor, Peter Warren

Enhancing Affective Programming in the Upper School

Krista Dhruv and Traci Wright (Chairs), Elliott Huntsman, Matt Hannibal, Debbie R.

Interdisciplinary Possibilities in the Upper School, with a Focus on 9th Grade

Patti Porcarelli (Chair), Krista Dhruv, Mike Guarraia, Ileana Imhoff, Maggie Mahmood, Peter Warren

Middle School Affinity, Alliance, and Advocacy Curriculum Development Project

Rob Piper and Courtney Rollins (Chairs), Hallie Herz, Geoff Meyers

Sharing Music in the Classroom: Building Community and Cultural Competency Through Song

Katrina Holmberg and Chris Peterson (Chairs), Kristin Baker, Becky Bloom, Alejandro Hurtado, Gaby Villanueva

Stories from Home

Karyn Fisher and Gaby Villanueva (Chairs), Tony Asdourian, Heather Freas-Kostic, Matt Hannibal, Alejandro Hurtado, Rhys Joseph, Rosie Max, Marilyn Milton, Alison Penning, Jillian Van Ells, Sylvia van Helden

TERC Math: Ten Years Later

Linda Brennan (Chair), June Bennett, Becky Bloom, Jenny Harbold, Katrina Holmberg, Ellen Hoitsma, Rosie Max, Marilyn Milton

Think, Design, Build: Constructing a Lower School Art Curriculum

Ann Starer (Chair), Alison Penning

Using New Technology Efficiently in the Classroom

Samira Phillips (Chair), Tony Asdourian, Ali Baran, Linda Brennan, Fathim Craven, Carla Guarraia, Xiaomu Hu, Alejandro Hurtado, Ileana Imhoff, Laura Jacoby, Rosie Max, Marilyn Milton, Rob Piper, Gaby Villanueva

Upper School Science: Core Curriculum Assessment and Reconstruction

Carla Guarraia and Julie Rogers (Chairs), Mike Guarraia, Maggie Mahmood, Elliott Huntsman

“Why Are You So Quiet?”: Engaging Introverted Students at Park

Katherine Arner and Karyn Fisher (Chairs), Demara Austin, Arnaldo Cohen, Jenny Harbold, Geoff Meyers



Creating a Cohesive Fourth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies Curriculum

Ali Baran, Jenny Harbold, Katie Ward

Kindergarten Anti-Bias and Social Justice Curriculum

June Bennett, Linda Butler, Bonnie Frost, Ashley Reynolds, Adam Rogers, Janice Wong

Re-examining the Second Grade Social Studies Curriculum Through the Lens of Social Justice

Akua Peprah (Chair), Marilyn Milton, Katrina Holmberg

Revising and Reinvigorating the Middle School Social Studies Program

Hallie Herz, Peter Sun, Paul Worley

The Park School’s Lower and Middle School Choral Music Curriculum: Exploring the Artistic Process

Bruce Bryant

Upper School Science Research Program Development

Carla Guarraia (Co-Chair), Julie Rogers (Co-Chair)


Making It Across the Curriculum

Matt Doyle, Mike Guarraia, Rhys Joseph (Chair), Dave Lowther, Rosie Max, Alison Pening, Rob Piper

Modern Language Integrating Culture

Fathim Craven (Co-Chair), Archer Davis, Xiaomu Hu, Alejandro Hurtado, Sofia Park, Jenny Sorel (Co-Chair)

Stories from Home

Angela Balcita (Co-Chair), Ali Baran, Gregory Brandt (Co-Chair), Linda Butler, Karyn Fisher, Elliott Huntsman, Chris Peterson, Patti Porcarelli, Dave Tracey, Janice Wong, Gaby Villanueva

Using New Technology Tools Effectively in the Classroom

Tony Asdourian, Gina Braden, Matt Doyle (Co-Chair), Matt Hannibal, Ellen Hoitsma, Xiaomu Hu, Alejandro Hurtado, Dave Lowther, Samira Saliba Phillips (Co-Chair), Patti Porcarelli, Courtney Rollins, Maria Spiegel



Modern Language Integrating Culture

Jenny Sorel and Nancy Fink (Co-Chairs), Di Bobrow, Fathim Craven, Xiaomu Hu, Alejandro Hurtado, Ileana Imhoff, Paul Villmoare, Pelle Wertheimer

Research and Writing on Teaching about Race

Max Wiggins


Act Before You Think: Becoming a Certified Meisner Teacher

Peter King

Creating a Framework for the Garry Cerrone Maker Space

Rhys Joseph and Carolyn Sutton (co-Chairs), Ann Haney, Sean Lally, Dave Lowther, Rosie Max, Samira Phillips,

Examining the Role of Homework at Park School

Ali Baran (Chair), Greg Brandt, Peter Warren, Geoff Meyers, Jenny Harbold, Jon Acheson, Akua Peprah, Marilyn Milton

Going Beyond the Conversation about Race

Sarah Howell and Stephanie Tellis (Co-Chairs), Di Bobrow, Xiaomu Hu, Heather Freas-Kostic, Patti Wit, Shri Puri, Rich Espey, Jeff Zerhusen, Elliott Huntsman, Ruthie Kalvar, Peter Sun

Kindergarten Social Justice Curriculum

Jo Anne Yamaka (Chair), June Bennett, Bonnie Frost, Ashley Reynolds, Janice Wong

Meeting the Contemporary Needs of Park Students

Debbie Dolan and Krista Dhruv (Co-Chairs), Zella Adams, Susan Eisner, Karyn Fisher, Dave Tracey 

Stories from Home

Ileana Imhoff and Malick Mbengue (Co-Chairs), Gina Braden, Greg Brandt, Ann Haney, Geoff Meyers, Akua Peprah, Ashley Reynolds

Using New Technology Tools Effectively in the Classroom

Rob Piper (Chair), Mimi Cukier, Rich Espey, Alicia Grothmann, Carla Guarraia, Peter Sun

FACA Advisory Committee

Betsy Leighton (Chair), Sarah Baird, Linda Brennan, Nancy Dickson, Krista Dhruv, Carla Guarraia, Nichelle Hermann, Marilyn Milton, Dan Paradis, Lisa Sun, Stephanie Tellis, Peter Warren, Josh Wolf



Embedded Grammar

Marilyn Milton (Chair), Rosie Max, Jenny Harbold, Ali Baran, Greg Brandt

Reimagining the Lower and Middle School Music Curriculums

Bruce Bryant (Chair), Chris Peterson, Maeve Royce, Adele Dinerstein, Bradley Williams

Science of Yoga for Teenage Health

Carla Guarraia

Using New Technology Tools Effectively in the Classroom

Matt Doyle and Samira Phillips (Co-Chairs), Linda Brennan, Arnaldo Cohen, Eric Gilson, Rob Piper, Ann Starer, Dave Tracey, Patti Wit

One-and-Two-Week Projects

Broadening the Conversation about Race 2015

Kaliq Simms and Peter King (Co-Chairs), Akua Peprah, Judith Sorgen-Borgnia, Patti Wit, Gaby Villanueva, Susan Asdourian, Dorrie, Bright, Pailin Gaither

First Grade Social Studies: Essential Inquiries and the Language Arts Connection

Kristin Baker (Chair), Becky Bloom, Alicia Grothman

Five Years Later: Putting “Gay” in a Positive Context

Rich Espey and Geoff Meyers (Co-Chairs), Jenny Harbold, Debbie R., Dave Tracey, Jeff Zerhusen

Modern Language Exploratory Culture

Nancy Fink and Jenny Sorel (Co-Chairs), Silvia Patterson

Phonological Awareness in Kindergarten

Jo Anne Yamaka (Chair), June Bennett, Bonnie Frost, Janice Wong

Stories from Home

Angela Balcita and Ileana Imhoff (Co-Chairs), Jon Acheson, Kristin Baker, Becky Bloom, Fathim Craven, Di Bobrow, Katrina Holmberg, Xiaomu Hu, Malick Mbengue, Iman Sheybani, Jenny Sorel

Writing History: American Narratives for Ninth Graders

Jon Acheson (Chair), Naadia Owens, Daniel Jacoby, John Kessinger

FACA Advisory Committee

Betsy Leighton (Chair), Krista Dhruv, Jenny Harbold, Nichelle Hermann, Ileana Imhoff, Marilyn Milton, Dan Paradis, Samira Phillips, Elizabeth Rodini, Julie Rogers, Lisa Sun, Joshua Wolf, Traci Wright


four-week projects

Creating an Interdisciplinary Program at the End of Eighth Grade

Rommel Loria and Paul Worley (Co-Chairs), Rich Espey, Geoff Meyers


Sean Lally (Chair), Dorrie Bright, Bill Tabrisky

Service Learning in Nicaragua 2014

Silvia Patterson (Chair), Ali Baran, Krista Dhruv, Jenny Harbold, Stradine Harris, Ellen Hoitsma, Jeff Jennings, Julie Rogers, Susannah Wolf

Using New Technology Tools Effectively in the Middle School Classroom

Samira Phillips (Chair), Fathim Craven, Ann Haney, Dave Lowther, Rob Piper, Debbie R., Cathy Schmidt

Word Study in Lower School

Katrina Holmberg (Chair), Marcella Wilson, Rosie Max, Marilyn Milton, Akua Peprah, Becky Bloom, Alicia Grothman

One-and-Two-Week Projects

Broadening the Conversation about Race 2014

Dia Clark and Peter King (Co-Chairs), Kristin Baker, Shannon Byrd, Mimi Cukier, Daniel Jacoby, Chris Peterson

Ninth Grade Reader

Daniel Jacoby (Chair), Jon Acheson, John Kessinger, Iman Sheybani, John Trout

Physical Education: New Curricular Approach and Deeper Lessons

Robin Lowe (Chair), Shannon Byrd, Caroline Volker, Robin Willard

Stories from Home

Ileana Imhoff and Angela Balcita (Co-Chairs), Malick Mbengue, Janna Rice, Judith Sorgen-Borgnia, Carolyn Sutton

FACA Advisory Committee

Betsy Leighton (Chair), Jon Acheson, June Bennett, Kevin Coll, Jenny Harbold, Nichelle Hermann, Ileana Imhoff, Elizabeth Rodini, Michelle Levin, Dan Paradis, Samira Phillips, Dave Tracey, Josh Wolf



Diversity by Design in World History Core Curricula, Tenth and Eleventh Grades

Peter Warren (Chair), Iman Sheybani, John Kessinger, Jon Acheson

Service Learning in Nicaragua

Michelle Levin (Chair), Bonnie Frost, Stradine Harris, Silvia Patterson, Debbie Silverman, Caroline Volker, Susannah Wolf, Paul Worley

Shift, Not Supplement: Diversity in the English Classroom

Patti Porcarelli and Kirk Wulf (Co-Chairs), Angela Balcita, Howard Berkowitz, Greg Brandt, Jennifer Eng

Social Emotional Learning for Upper Elementary Students

Zella Adams and Matt Doyle (Co-Chairs), Rosie Max, Ellen Hoitsma, Ali Baran, Jenny Harbold, Marcella Wilson, Linda Brennan

Understanding by Design: 2nd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Katrina Holmberg (Chair), Marilyn Milton, Akua Peprah

One-and-Two-Week Projects

Broadening the Conversation about Race 2013

Linda Butler and Peter King (Co-Chairs), Nancy Abrams, Angela Balcita, Dia Clark, Heather Freas-Kostic, Terris King, Anna Marmor, Betty Medalie, Patti Porcarelli, Cathy Schmidt, Iman Sheybani, Dave Tracey

Music Department Curricular Connections

Adele Dinerstein (Chair), Bruce Bryant, Doug Jameson, Chris Peterson, Maeve Royce

Spanish Textbook Level II-Part 3

Ileana Imhoff (Chair), Nancy Fink, Judith Sorgen-Borgnia, Paul Villmoare

Willfully Jamming with William James

Greg Brandt (Chair), Jon Acheson, Tony Asdourian, Howard Berkowitz, Arnaldo Cohen, Fathim Craven, Jennifer Eng, Nancy Fink, Marshall Gordon, Xiaomu Hu, Ileana Imhoff, Kirk Wulf

FACA Advisory Committee

Betsy Leighton (Chair), Jon Acheson, June Bennett, Linda Brennan, Carbery Morrow, Kevin Coll, Elizabeth Rodini, Michelle Levin, Dan Paradis, Julie Rogers, Carolyn Sutton, Dave Tracey, Josh Wolf


Four-week projects

Justice and Economics

Daniel Jacoby (Chair), Jennifer Eng, Dave Lowther, Jelena Popov, Bill Tabrisky, Dave Tracey, Marcella Wilson, Kirk Wulf

Service Learning in Nicaragua

Bruce Bryant and Michelle Levin (Co-Chairs), Nancy Fink, Bonnie Frost, Malick Mbengue, Silvia Patterson, Debbie Silverman, Ann Starer, Susannah Wolf

Smart Technology in the Lower School

Marilyn Milton (Chair), Matt Doyle, Rosie Max, Ali Baran, Jenny Harbold, Linda Brennan

Spanish Textbook Level II-Part II

Ileana Imhoff (Chair), Paul Villmoare, Judith Sorgen-Borgnia

Understanding by Design: A Unified Approach to Curriculum Development

Liz Baker and Rob Piper (Co-Chairs), Nancy Abrams, Fathim Craven, Rich Espey, Ann Haney, Elizabeth Hollister, Pelle Wertheimer


Broadening the Conversation about Race (one week)

Linda Butler and Jenn Lauder (Co-Chairs), Di Bobrow, Bruce Bryant, Dia Clark, Megan Ford, Bonnie Frost, Katrina Holmberg, Xiaomu Hu, Laura Jacoby, Peter King, Rommel Loria, Malick Mbengue, Shri Puri, Stephanie Tabrisky, Lisa Sun, Josh Wolf

Civil Rights Trip (one week)

Traci Wright and Carol Kinne (Co-Chairs), Linda Butler, Stradine Harris, Marla Hollandsworth, Maria Lawson, Betty Medalie, Jenny Sorel, Paul Worley

Race 2.0 (one week)

Traci Wright and Carol Kinne (Co-Chairs), Emily Biscoe, Krista Dhruv, Ann Haney, Jenny Harbold, Elizabeth Hollister, Kirk La Rue, Marilyn Milton, Debbie Silverman, Paul Worley



Assessment and Re-design of Core Curriculum: Teaching and Learning 20th Century World History

Jon Acheson and John Kessinger (Co-chairs), Tina Forbush, Peter Warren

Creating a Blueprint for Health Education

Zella Adams and Dave Tracey (Co-Chairs), Krista Dhruv, Patti Flowers-Coulson, Debbie R.

Faculty Portfolios

Greg Brandt (Chair), Catherine Ambler, Tony Asdourian, Gina Braden, Paul Hulleberg, Hadiya Woodham, Kirk Wulf

Spanish Textbook, Level II

Ileana Imhoff (Chair), Nancy Fink, Paul Villmoare


Broadening the Conversation about Race (one week)

Traci Wright and Carol Kinne (Co-Chairs), Tony Asdourian, Becky Bloom, Gina Braden, Linda Butler, Adele Dinerstein, Liz Hirsch, Jenn Lauder, Jelena Popov, Kirk Wulf

Kindergarten Curriculum Revision (two weeks

Jo Anne Yamaka (Chair), Linda Butler, Bonnie Frost, Katrina Holmberg, Kirk La Rue, Stephanie Tabrisky

Making Educational Connections between Park School of Baltimore and West Africa (one week)

Jon Acheson and Malick Mbengue (Co-chairs), Cathy Schmidt, Peter Warren

Modern Language Curricular Maps (one week)

Ileana Imhoff (Chair), Di Bobrow, Nancy Fink, Xiaomu Hu, Michelle Levin, Silvia Patterson, Marisa Perez-Gross, Jenny Sorel, Paul Villmoare, Pelle Wertheimer

Smart Technology and the Progressive Classroom (two weeks)

Kevin Coll and Susan Weintraub (Co-Chairs), Howard Berkowitz, Becky Bloom, Matt Doyle, Nadine Feiler, Xiaomu Hu, Rob Piper



“Are We Going to Play a Game Today?” A Middle School Modern Language FACA

Fathim Craven (Chair), Diana Bobrow, Pelle Wertheimer

Service Learning Workshop, Cuba, and Reflection

Nancy Fink

Making Art Makes Connections

Ann Haney and Carolyn Sutton (Co-chairs), Liz Baker, Elizabeth Hollister, Rosie Max, Stephanie Tabrisky

Tenth Grade Park Math Textbooks Answer Key: Foundation for Solution Manual and Teacher’s Guides

Arnaldo Cohen

Sowing an Edible Education: First Grade

Becky Bloom and Laurie Rosenberg (Co-chairs), Jen Lauder, Susan Stovall, Rani Wilder, Marcella Wilson

Upper School English Department

Patti Porcarelli (Chair), Susan Asdourian, Howard Berkowitz, Greg Brandt, Kevin Coll, Liz Hirsch, Susan Weintraub, Monica West, Kirk Wulf

Upper School Mathematics: Writing a New Curriculum-Year Five*

Tony Asdourian and Mimi Cukier (Co-chairs), Angela Doyle, Anand Thakker


Broadening the Conversation about Race (one week)

Kirk La Rue (Chair), Jon Acheson, Becky Avila, Alison Baran, Carol Kinne, Jennifer Lee, Julie Schwait, Ann Starer, Liz Stierhoff, Susannah Wolf, Traci Wright

Educating for Sustainability in the Upper School Curriculum (two weeks)

Elliott Huntsman (Chair), Jon Acheson, Julie Rogers

Human Sexuality in the Lower School (two weeks)

Debbie R. and Jenny Harbold (Co-chairs), Zella Adams, Katrina Holmberg, Linda Brennan

Putting “Gay” in a Positive Context (two weeks)

Rich Espey and Geoff Meyers (Co-chairs), Carolyn Cooper, Krista Dhruv, Jenny Harbold, Marla Hollandsworth, Emily Liss, Debbie R., Christine Tillman, Dave Tracey, Susannah Wolf, Paul Worley



Cosmology Curriculum for the NASA WMAP Project

Sean Lally

Partial or full funding provided by NASA grant through Dr. Charles Bennett, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University.

History of Park

Kevin Coll (Chair), Jon Acheson, Valerie Brice-Brooks, Megan Ford, Marilyn Milton, Bonnie Rosenblatt, Cathy Schmidt, Susannah Wolf, Jo Anne Yamaka

Partial or full funding provided by Centennial Fund.

In Conversation with Our Past

Gregory Brandt (Chair), Nancy Fink, Paul Hulleberg, John Kessinger, Peter Warren, Kirk Wulf

9th and 10th Grade Park Math Textbooks Answer Key

Arnaldo Cohen

Partial or full funding provided by Benedict Foundation Grant and matching private donations.

Program Development for Chinese III

Xiaomu Hu

Upper School Mathematics: Writing a New Curriculum—Year Four

Tony Asdourian (Chair), Mimi Cukier, Bill Tabrisky, Anand Thakker; Tim Howell (Consultant)

Partial or full funding provided by Benedict Foundation Grant and matching private donations.

Writing Short Stories for Spanish Classes

Ileana Imhoff

Redesigning the Fourth Grade Theme Study

Jenny Harbold and Obi Okobi (Co-chairs), Alison Baran, Jan Kenny

Sustainability and Curriculum

Debbie Silverman (Chair), Liz Baker, Laura Jacoby, Marcella Wilson

Theater across the Curriculum

Gina Braden and Peter King (Co-chairs), Susan Asdourian, Emily Biscoe, Kimberly Collins, Fathim Craven, Ann Haney, Sharen Pula

Third Grade Theme Study: The Lives of Africans in Early Colonial America

Ellen Hoitsma (Chair), Rosie Max, Ann Starer


From Seed to Table (2 weeks)

Zella Adams, Laurie Rosenberg

Adolescent Readers: One-week Follow-up Project

Geoff Meyers (Chair), Carolyn Cooper, Nadine Feiler, Elizabeth Hollister

Broadening the Conversation about Race VI (1 week)

Elliott Huntsman (Chair), Rich Espey, Nancy Fink, Kirk La Rue, Emily Liss, Amy Selmanoff, Jenny Sorel, Carolyn Sutton, Anand Thakker, Paul Villmoare, Melpa Warres, Pelle Wertheimer, Hadiya Woodham

Sculpture and Photography: A Collaboration (2 weeks)

Terry Lansburgh, Christine Tillman

The Black Male Experience at Park School: A Two-week Exploratory Project

June Bennett and Carol Kinne (Co-chairs), Howard Berkowitz, Krista Dhruv, Nadine Feiler, Stradine Harris, Troy Harris, Kirk La Rue, Dave Lowther, Traci Wright



Adolescent Readers 

Geoff Meyers (Chair), Carolyn Cooper, Nadine Feiler, Elizabeth Hollister; Debbie Dolan (1 week)

Building an Inclusive Community: Social Class Identity at Park School

Obi Okobi and Paul Worley (Co-chairs), Valerie Brice-Brooks, Kanoe Bunney, Rich Espey, Jennifer Harbold, Christine Tillman, Dave Tracey; Traci Wright (consultant)

Evaluating the Investigations in Number, Data, and Space, 2nd Edition

Linda Brennan and Jan Kenny (Co-chairs), Dave Lowther, Marilyn Milton, Rosie Max, Debbie Silverman, Marcella Wilson; Jennifer Lee (2 weeks), Betty Medalie and Susannah Wolf (1 week)

Program Development for Chinese

Xiaomu Hu

Special gifts contributed to support of this project.

Technology and Modern Language

Christine Broening and Nancy Fink (Co-chairs), Fathim Craven, Nancy Fink, Ileana Imhoff, Charene Jones, Michelle Levin, Silvia Patterson, Pelle Wertheimer

Upper School Mathematics: Writing a New Curriculum-Year Three

Tony Asdourian (Chair), Arnaldo Cohen, Mimi Cukier, Marshall Gordon, Tim Howell, Bill Tabrisky, Anand Thakker

Special gifts contributed to support of this project.

Upper School Music: The Workbook

Adele Dinerstein and Doug Jameson


History of Park

Kevin Coll (Chair), Jon Acheson, Greg Brandt, Ann Haney, Cathy Schmidt, Julie Schwait, Kirk Wulf

An allocation from the Centennial Campaign provided partial support for this project.


Accelerated Biology: Curriculum Development and Implementation (2 weeks)

Jeff Jennings, Julie Rogers, Hadiya Woodham

Broadening the Conversation About Race V (1 week)

Elliott Huntsman and Traci Wright (Co-chairs)

Faculty: Ann Haney, Nancye Hesaltine, Charene Jones, Kirk La Rue, Bill Tabrisky, Anand Thakker

Staff: Joan Shaull

Taking Advantage of Tech (2 weeks)

Elliott Huntsman (Chair), Samira Phillips, Carolyn Sutton

Upper School Science: Development of a New Elective Course, Science and Religion (2 weeks)

Sean Lally


NAIS Institute for Leadership in Sustainability + 4-day Follow-up

Faculty: Dorrie Bright and Venuta Carulli 



An Exploration and Application of Differentiated Learning in the Middle School Classroom

Liz Baker (Chair), Carolyn Cooper, Nadine Feiler, Paul Hulleberg, Rob Piper, Cathy Schmidt, Paul Worley; David Lowther (2 weeks)

Middle School Physical Education

Robin Cardin Lowe (Chair), Lucky Mallonee, Robin Willard

New Directions in World History

Daniel Jacoby (Chair), John Kessinger

Reading and Writing Non-Fiction in the Lower School

Marilyn Milton and Deborah Silverman (Co-chairs), Rosie Max, Courtney Rollins, Ann Starer, Marcella Wilson; Marla Hollandsworth (2 weeks)

Understanding and Supporting Park’s Multicultural Families

Kanoe Bunney and Elizabeth Hollister (Co-chairs), Stradine Cubera, Jennifer Harbold, Ellen Hoitsma, Carol Kinne


Faculty Artists

Nancye Hesaltine and Christine Tillman (Co-chairs), Susan Asdourian, Susan Brown, Garry Cerrone, Ann Haney; Terry Lansburgh (2 weeks); Carolyn Sutton (Admin)*

Individual Theater Project: Research and Development of One Woman Show Based on the Life of Gertrude Bell

Gina Braden

Individual Writing Project: West Meets East: Essays towards a History of the Mutual Influence of Chinese and American Poetry in the 20th Century

Kirk Wulf


Broadening the Conversation about Race (One week)

Elliott Huntsman and Silvia Patterson (Co-chairs)

Faculty: Howard Berkowitz, Linda Brennan, Susan Brown, Venuta Carulli, Tina Forbush, Geoff Meyers, Obi Okobi, Monica West, Paul Worley

Administrators: June Bennett, Traci Wright*

Interns: Chevee Crafton, Matthew Rankin**

Staff: Troy Harris*

*Administrators and staff, as twelve-month employees, do not receive FACA salaries.

** Interns are funded from the Intern Budget, not from FACA.

Chemistry: Curricular Modification and Faculty Development (One week)

Elliott Huntsman (Chair), Bob Carter, Julie Rogers

Physics I: Curriculum Development and Implementation (Two weeks)

Julie Rogers (Chair), Dorrie Bright, Bob Carter

Resources for a Better Understanding of Arab Issues and Cultures (One week)

Samira Saliba Phillips (Chair), Jon Acheson, Howard Berkowitz, Fathim Craven


TERC Workshop and One-week Follow-up Project

Jan Kenny and Obi Okobi (Co-chairs), Linda Brennan, Kanoe Bunney, Jennifer Lee, Courtney Rollins



Analytical Models

Kirk Wulf (Chair), Jon Acheson, Susan Asdourian, Howard Berkowitz, Daniel Jacoby, John Kessinger, Peter Warren

Grammar for Poets

Kevin Coll (Chair), Greg Brandt, Christine Broening, Carolyn Cooper, Fathim Craven, Geoff Meyers

Lower School Science

Julie Gill (Chair); 2 weeks: Emily Biscoe, Kanoe Bunney, Marla Hollandsworth, Jan Kenny, Rosie Max, Rani Wilder

Race and Curriculum in the Lower School

Debbie Silverman (Chair), Zella Adams, Sarah Chambliss, Stradine Cubera, Jenny Harbold, Marilyn Milton, Erica St. Bernard, Marcella Wilson; June Bennett (Consultant)

Scope and Sequence for Upper School Science

Bob Carter and Reuwai Hanewald (Co-chairs), Dorrie Bright, Elliott Huntsman, Jeff Jennings Julie Rogers

School Mathematics: Writing a New Curriculum

Tony Asdourian (Chair), Arnaldo Cohen, Mimi Cukier, Rina Foygel, Marshall Gordon, Tim Howell, Bill Tabrisky


Broadening the Conversation About Race III

June Bennett and Carol Kinne (Co-chairs, Group 1); Krista Dhruv and Traci Wright-Snipes (Co-chairs, Group 2)

Lower School: Hillary Barry, Kanoe Bunney, Sarah Chambliss, Stradine Cubera, Michelle Levin, Rosie Max, Marilyn Milton, Silvia Patterson, Courtney Rollins, Erica St. Bernard, Ann Starer, Rani Wilder, Marcella Wilson, Jo Anne Yamaka

Middle School: Liz Baker, Elizabeth Hollister, Dave Lowther, Carmen Nieto, Mirna Valerio, Mark Riding (Admin)

Upper School: Susan Asdourian, Greg Brandt, Christine Broening, Arnaldo Cohen, Kevin Coll, Tim Howell, Elliott Huntsman, Ileana Imhoff, Julie Rogers, Christine Tillman

Cross-divisional: Debbie R.


Ancient History: Research/Development of Unit on Africa

Cathy Schmidt

Book Project: Revealing Character: A Handbook for Teaching Characterization

Peter King

Science-Themed Plays

Rich Espey



Arts and Technology

Adele Dinerstein and Peter King (Co-Chairs), Howard Berkowitz, Gina Braden, Paul Hulleberg, Doug Jameson, John Trout, Peter Warren

French/ Spanish Sequential Curriculum

Christine Broening (Chair), Raymonde Arseneau, Fathim Craven, Ileana Imhoff, Mirna Valerio, Josh Wolf; Nancy Fink (three weeks), Carmen Nieto (two weeks)

Lower School Science

Julie Gill and Rob Piper (Co-Chairs), June Bennett-Williams, Jan Kenny, Marilyn Milton, Debbie Silverman, Jo Anne Yamaka. (Consultant: Emily Biscoe)

Senior Year

Tony Asdourian and Kevin Coll (Co-Chairs), Jon Acheson, Dorrie Bright, Marshall Gordon, Tim Howell


Broadening the Conversation about Race II (One week)

June Bennett-Williams, Beth Casey, Krista Dhruv, and Traci Wright-Snipes (Co-Chairs), Zella Adams, Edlyn Chao, Carolyn Cooper, Fathim Craven, Stradine Cubera, Nichelle Dowell, Nadine Feiler, Megan Ford, Erica Gibson-Conwell , Reuwai Hanewald, Marcia Holden, Jan Kenny, Carol Kinne, Michelle Nguyen, Silvia Patterson, Mark Riding, Debbie R., Mennette San-Lee, Cathy Schmidt, Debbie Silverman, Dave Tracey, Posey Valis, Rani Wilder, Jeff Zerhusen

Lower School Spanish Program Evaluation (Two weeks)

Michelle Levin (Chair), Silvia Patterson, Marcella Wilson


Antique Primer Illustrated Book

Ann Naito Haney

Book Project: Historical Novel

Tina Forbush

Writing Project: Essays

Gregory Brandt



An Exploration and Articulation of the Middle School Social Studies Program

Tom Malone and Cathy Schmidt (Co-Chairs); Nadine Feiler, Mike Fishback, Lucky Mallonee (2 weeks)

Assessment on Practice: Habits of Mind in the Upper School Mathematics Classroom and Curriculum

Bill Tabrisky (Chair), Tony Asdourian, Arnaldo Cohen, Marshall Gordon, Tim Howell

Context and World View

Daniel Jacoby (Chair), Jon Acheson, Pamela Fitzgibbon, John Kessinger, Peter Warren, Kirk Wulf

Faculty Writers

Kevin Coll (Chair), Rich Espey, Tina Forbush, Peter King, Marilyn Milton, Patricia Porcarelli, Deborah Silverman, Nicole Winner

Lower School Spanish Program Evaluation

Michelle Levin (Chair), Julie Gill, Ileana Imhoff, Marcella Wilson

Third Grade Reading

Emily Biscoe, Rosie Max; Jonathan Knowles (2 weeks)

Visual Arts

Susan Brown and Carolyn Sutton (Co-Chairs), Peter Bruun, Garry Cerrone, Denham Fassett, Ann Haney, Nancye Hesaltine, Terry Lansburg, Bill Mack


Broadening the Conversation About Race

Beth Casey and June Bennett-Williams (Co-Chairs), Emily Biscoe, Dorrie Bright, Stradine Cubera, Debbie Dolan, Jenny Harbold, Ellen Hoitsma, Tim Howell, Tom Malone, Traci Wright


Creating Computational Enrichment and Support for Students in Grades One Through Five

Jennifer Harbold, Deborah Silverman

Development of a Solo Performance and Discussion Series

Gina Braden

Life Science 8

Nancy Abrams, Rich Espey

Mathematica at Park: Basis of A Modern Approach to Calculus

Arnaldo Cohen

Memoir Project

Fathim Craven

Music and Mathematics: A Kindergarten-Middle School Project

David Lowther, Jo Anne Yamaka

Partners Program

Stradine Cubera, Carol Kinne, Traci Wright; Krista Dhruv (3 days)

Teaching Reading in French

Raymonde Arseneau, Christine Broening


Course in Curriculum Theory, Development and Implementation (Johns Hopkins University)

Liz Baker

Dalcroze Eurhythmics Workshop (Longy School of Music Summer Institute, Cambridge, MA)

Emily Liss

Dar al Islam Teachers Institute: Understanding and Teaching About Islam (Abiquiu, NM)

Howard Berkowitz

Making Learning Visible: Understanding, Documenting, and Supporting Individual and Group Learning (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Hillary Barry, Susan Eisner

Stage Directions Magazine Summer Conference (New York)

John Trout




Patricia Porcarelli, Chair; Peter Babcox, Arnaldo Cohen, Ann Haney, Tim Howell, Ileana Imhoff

Faculty Writers

Kevin Coll, Chair; Howard Berkowitz, Gregory Brandt, Christine Broening, Anne Fogg, Peter King, Anna Nichols, Laura Schlitz, Kirk Wulf

Lower School Language Arts: Kindergarten Through Third Grade

Marilyn Milton and Deborah Silverman, Co-chairs; Rosie Max, Maili Shaffer, Jo Anne Yamaka; June Bennett-Williams, Ellen Hoitsma and Ann Starer (1 week)

Social Curriculum

Zella Adams, Chair; Bart Cook, Stradine Cubera, Jenny Harbold, Betsy Leighton; Jonathan Knowles (3 weeks)

Understanding Young Adolescent Learners

Cathy Schmidt, Chair; Liz Baker, Mike Fishback, Mark Riding, Dave Tracey, Jeff Zerhusen; Betty Medalie (1 week). Consultant: Deborah Dolan


Chamber Music Workshop and Study

Samira Phillips


Project Zero Institute (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Oliver Reid

Revision of the Sixth Grade Foreign Language Program

Sarah Guzman

Shakespeare’s Tempest: An Integrated Ninth Grade Curriculum

Kevin Coll, Chair; Peter King, John Trout

Spanish Study in Guatemala: Instituto Central America

Michelle Levin



Assuring Equity in Mathematics

Tim Howell & Anna Nichols, Co-chairs; Howard Berkowitz, Arnaldo Cohen

Developing a Second Grade Spelling Program

Marilyn Milton, Deborah Silverman

Faculty Portfolios

Greg Brandt, Chair; Emily Biscoe, Nadine Feiler, Anne Fogg, Tina Forbush, Ellen Hoitsma, Patti Porcarelli, Dave Tracey

Interdisciplinary Study in the Upper School

Kevin Coll, Chair; Jon Acheson, John Kessinger, Carolyn Sutton, Bill Tabrisky, Peter Warren

Middle School Mathematics

David Lowther, Chair; Betty Medalie, Jeff Zerhusen

Physical Education: The Eighth Grade Year Plus

Robin Cardin Lowe, Chair; Lucky Mallonee, Barb Purkey, George Tamaris

Promoting French

Christine Broening, Fathim Craven

Service and Community at Park School

Julie Webers, Stradine Cubera, Ileana Imhoff, Carol Kinne, Traci Wright

Upper School Science: Evaluating and Revising Science 9 and Exploring Scope and Sequence, Grades 9-12

Paul Moos, Chair; Bob Carter (2 weeks), David Chalfoun (2 weeks), Chris Pickens, Ellen Reynolds (2 weeks)


Spanish Curriculum Grades K-5: Revision of Program Goals and Assessment(2 weeks)

Sarah Guzman, Michelle Levin, Regina Romeu-Watson

The Stories of Our Lives: Faculty Writings on Diversity (1 week)

Rebecca Malone, Chair; Fathim Craven, Denham Fassett, Nadine Feiler

Towards a Lower School Mathematics Curriculum: Part Two (1 week)

Beth Casey, Jan Kenny, Co-chairs; Peter Babcox, Bonnie Bain, Hillary Barry, June Bennett-Williams, Susan Koh, Maili Shaffer, Ann Starer, Posey Valis, Melpa Warres, Jo Anne Yamaka

Upper School Science: Implementation of the AP Environmental Science Curriculum (Institute + One Week)

David Chalfoun, Ellen Reynolds


Anonymous Requiem: An Art Project Proposal

Peter Bruun

Immigrant Girl: A Memoir

Lydia Okutoro

Writing Project

Laura Schlitz



Creating an Assessment Framework for the Teaching of Reading and Writing in the Middle School

Rebecca Malone, Chair; Debbie Dolan, Nadine Feiler, Robbye Horowicz, Lydia Okutoro

Creation of a “Living Textbook” and a Standardized Rehearsal and Design Process for the Eighth Grade Production Course

Gina Braden, John Trout

Developing a New Ninth Grade Science Program

Paul Moos, Chair; Bob Carter, David Chalfoun, Christopher Pickens, Ellen Reynolds, Julie Webers (Julie Webers for two weeks)

Faculty Portfolios

Gregory Brandt, Chair; Howard Berkowitz, Christine Broening, Kevin Coll, Laura Schlitz, Jeff Zerhusen

First Grade Reading Project

Ann Starer & Karleen Tyksinski, Co-chairs; June Bennett-Williams, Megan Ford, Susan Koh, Maili Shaffer (Megan Ford for one week)

Gender Issues in Mathematics

Tim Howell, Chair; Michael Long, Betty Medalie, Anna Nichols, Oliver Reid

Habitat for Humanity: A Community Effort to Build Good Houses and Strong Families

Julie Webers & Elisa Weidenbaum, Co-chairs Jon Acheson, Peter Babcox, Stradine Cubera, Carol Kinne, Traci Wright (Three-week project; Julie Webers for two weeks)

Lower School Spanish: Development of Curriculum for Grades 2 & 5; Curriculum Revision for Grades K, 1, 3 & 4; Development of Curricular Project: Grade 2

Michelle Levin, Chair; Julie Gill, Marilyn Milton, Regina Romeu-Watson, Debbie Silverman (Julie Gill and Regina Romeu-Watson for two weeks)


Studio Art Project: Collecting Myself, Bundles of Perception, Excavations

Ann Haney


Completion of Supplements to Upper School Mathematics Program CMIC (Two-week project)

Bill Tabrisky, Chair; Arnaldo Cohen, Tim Howell, Oliver Reid (Arnaldo Cohen for one week)

Expansion of the Alcohol/Drug Education Program in the Upper School (One-week project)

Dave Tracey, Chair; Margarita Gurri, Debbie R.

The Stories of Our Lives: Faculty Writings on Diversity (One-week project)

Lydia Okutoro, Chair; Jane Boarman, Stradine Cubera, Carol Kinne, Rebecca Malone, Melpa Warres

Towards a Lower School Mathematics Curriculum: Part One (One-week project)

Beth Casey & Jan Kenny, Co-chairs; Emily Biscoe, Jane Boarman, Julie Gill, Jennifer Harbold, Ellen Hoitsma, Rosie Max, Anna Nichols, Sharen Pula



Faculty Portfolios

Greg Brandt, Chair; Jon Acheson, Beth Casey, Jane Ely, Lisa Fineman, Marshall Gordon, Ellen Reynolds

Laboratory Inquiry: The Heart of Science Learning

Julie Webers, Chair; Bob Carter, David Chalfoun, Paul Moos

Lower School Foreign Language: Spanish Curriculum/Cuernevaca Institute

Christine Broening, Chair; Anne Fogg, Sarah Guzman, Michelle Levin, Regina Romeu-Watson, Karleen Tyksinski

Middle/Upper School Music

Adele Dinerstein, Paul Hulleberg; Bruce Bryant (one week)

Second Grade Project on Reading Comprehension

Marilyn Milton, Chair; June Bennett-Williams, Ellen Hoitsma, Deborah Silverman

Supplements to Eighth and Ninth Grade Mathematics Programs

Tim Howell, Chair; Oliver Reid, Bill Tabrisky, Jeffrey Zerhusen

Technical Theater Curriculum

John Trout


Book Project: A Feminist Reading of Freud’s Totem and Taboo

Monique Shapiro

Completion of Doctoral Thesis: Catharine Maria Sedgwick and the Education of a Nation

Patricia Porcarelli

Reggio Emilia Research/Institute

Hillary Barry

Short Stories and the Writing Process

Kevin Coll


Individual Assessment of Student Performance (follow-up project)

Deborah Dolan, Susan Koh

Lower School Music (follow-up project)

Bruce Bryant, Emily Liss

Middle School Scheduling

Nancy Abrams & Rebecca Malone, Co-chairs; Gina Braden, Deborah Dolan, Nadine Feiler, Deborah Handy, Paul Hulleberg, Samira Phillips, Barbara Purkey, Bonnie Rosenblatt, Zachary White, Jeffrey Zerhusen

Project Zero (Institute, Harvard Graduate School of Education & One-week On-campus)

Jane Ely, Chair; Howard Berkowitz, Tina Forbush, Michael Long, Zachary White



Developing Mathematical Ideas: Refining Implementation of the TERC Curriculum in Lower School

Jan Kenny & Anna Nichols, Co-chairs; Jennifer Harbold, Marilyn Milton, Rob Piper (Two-week grants for all, plus two-week attendance at “Developing Mathematical Ideas Leadership Program” for Jan Kenny, Anna Nichols, Marilyn Milton)

Guidance/Advisory III: Strengthening Affective Education Initiatives in the Middle & Lower Schools

Zella Adams, Deborah R., David Tracey (Four-week grant for Deborah R.; two-week grants for Zella Adams & David Tracey)

Individual Assessment of Student Performance

Deborah Dolan & Susan Koh

Kindergarten Project

Peter Babcox & Jo Anne Yamaka, Co-chairs; Bonnie Bain, Hillary Barry, Regina Romeu-Watson, Melpa Warres

Lower School Foreign Language/Spanish Curriculum

Christine Broening & Anne Fogg, Co-chairs; Ellen Hoitsma; Nancy Fink and Michelle Levin for one week

Mathematics: Grades 8-12

Tim Howell, Chair; Jack Bigelow, MiChelle Carpenter-Smith, Marshall Gordon, William Tabrisky; David Lowther for two weeks

Ninth Grade History

Peter Golding, Chair; Jon Acheson, John Trout

Visual Arts

Bill Mack, Chair; Susan Weingast Brown, Ann Haney

Writer’s Handbook for Middle School Students

Nadine Feiler, Deborah Handy; Rebecca Malone for one week

Professional Development Grant

GIS Technology

Ellen Reynolds

One-Week Follow-Up Grants

Middle School Computer Curriculum/Text

Samira Saliba Phillips

Project Zero (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Kevin Coll, Chair; Nancy Abrams, Emily Biscoe, Gregory Brandt, Marcia Holden, Noreen Potempa (One-week grant, plus one-week attendance at “The Project Zero Summer Institute” 99′)


In 1998 two new categories of grants were established to meet emerging needs. To balance the emphasis on group curricular projects, professional development grants support individual faculty immersion in their own disciplines, without immediate reference to curricular applications. One-week follow-up grants provide a vehicle for revision and extension of previous FACA work.


Eighth Grade Science Program

Zachary White

English Department Writing Project

Kevin Coll, Chair; Gregory Brandt, Peter Golding (one week)

Enrichment Programs in Lower School Mathematics

Tim Howell, Chair; Peter Babcox, Hillary Barry, Beth Casey, Anne Fogg, Jan Kenny, Anna Nichols, Bonnie Rosenblatt, Karleen Tyksinski

Geographical Information Systems/Forestry Unit

Jack Bigelow, Ellen Reynolds, Jan Morrison (one week)

Guidance/Advisory II

Deborah R., David Tracey, Co-Chairs; Zella Adams, Deborah Dolan, Carol Kinne, Joan McCready

Lower School Music Curriculum

Bruce Bryant, Emily Liss

Mapping Middle School Writing and Research

Nadine Feiler, Robbye Horowicz, Co-Chairs; MiChelle Carpenter, Deborah Handy

Second Grade Proposal: Theme of Community

Deborah Silverman, Chair; Ellen Hoitsma, Marilyn Milton


Historical Research: Work with Archival Materials at the Maryland Historical Society

Jon Acheson

Book/Journal on Researching and Writing a Work of Fiction on Medieval Greenland for Children

Laura Schlitz

Park School Philosophy and the Classroom Environment

Howard Berkowitz and Marshall Gordon

Children’s Book on Tools

Megan Ford

Work with New York Theater Troupe: Development of a Performance Piece

Gina Braden


Foreign Language: Follow-up on Middle School Program

Christine Broening, Chair; Jennifer Eisberg, Nancy Fink, Carlos Alvelo (3 days)

Middle and Upper School Music

Adele Dinerstein, Chair; Phyllis Goldstein, Paul Hulleberg

Seventh Grade Physical Science: Revision of Manual

MiChelle Carpenter and Ellen Schwindt


K-2 Writing Project

Susan Benedict & Marilyn Milton, Co-chairs; Hillary Barry, Megan Ford, Ellen Hoitsma, Susan Koh, Sara Pickett, Noreen Potempa, Regina Romeu-Watson, Deborah Silverman, Karleen Tyksinski, Melpa Warres, June Bennett Williams, Jo Anne Yamaka

Lower School Non-Fiction Writing

Wendy Owen, Chair; Beth Casey, Julie Gill

Third Grade Theme Studies

Marcia Holden & Emily Biscoe, Co-chairs; Susan Weingast Brown, Anna Nichols

Fourth Grade Science

Robert Piper, Chair; Anne Fogg, Janet Kenny, Hunter Nesbitt

Middle School Science

Jan Morrison, Chair; MiChelle Carpenter, Ellen Schwindt, Zachary White


Jack Bigelow, Tim Howell

Oral History

John Roemer, Chair; Jon Acheson, Christine Broening, Rachelle Work

Middle School Advisory/Guidance

Joan McCready & Deborah R., Co-chairs Zella Adams, Deborah Dolan, Carol Kinne, David Tracey


Design/Engineering Initiative

Jan Morrison, Bill Mack, Co-chairs; Jack Bigelow, MiChelle Carpenter, Garry Cerrone, Marshall Gordon, Tim Howell, David Lowther, Anna Nichols, Brian Rogan, Lou Rosenblatt, Jeff Zerhusen

Early Childhood Teaching and Learning: Science in the Primary Grades

Susan Koh, Chair; Peter Babcox, Hillary Barry, Susan Benedict, Megan Ford, Carol Kinne, Rob Piper, Noreen Potempa, Deborah R., Karleen Tyksinski, Melpa Warres

Foreign Language: Middle School Initiative

Christine Broening, Mariana Past

Interdisciplinary Unit: Biology and Mathematics

Eric Bondy, Ellen Reynolds

Lower School Assessment: Year Two

Beth Casey, Ellen Xanders, Co-chairs; Anne Fogg, Julie Gill, Marcia Holden, Jan Kenny, Wendy Owen

Middle School Curriculum Project on Latin America

Gina Braden, Robbye Horowicz, Co-chairs; Sally Davidson, Ann Haney, Joan McCready


Laura Schlitz


Design, Engineering and Building Models

Jan Morrison, Samira Saliba Phillips, Co-chairs; Nancy Abrams, Jack Bigelow, MiChelle Carpenter, Marshall Gordon, David Lowther, Bill Mack, Jeff Zerhusen

Essential History

Butch Ashman, Brooks Lakin, John Roemer

Exploratory Foreign Language Project on Oral Proficiency

Christine Broening, Josh Wolf

Exploring the Connections Between Middle and Upper School Writing

Nadine Feiler, Wendy Owen, Co-chairs; Howard Berkowitz, Sally Davidson, Elaine Lloyd-Hudgins, Rachelle Work

Lower School Assessment

Marcia Holden, Chair; Susan Benedict, Emily Biscoe, Beth Casey, Megan Ford, Anne Fogg, Jan Kenny

Lower School Assessment: Analysis of Admissions and Guidance Documents

Zella Adams

Music Department Project

Adele Dinerstein, Chair; Paul Hulleberg, Lynnell Lewis, Emily Liss

Understanding Racial Issues for Park Students

Robbye Horowicz, Carol Kinne, Co-chairs Noreen Potempa, Barbara Purkey, Monique Shapiro


Alternative School Calendars and Creative Scheduling

Jack Bigelow, Bob Carter

Ancient Civilizations: A Fourth Grade Core Curriculum

Anne Fogg, Chair; Jan Kenny, Hunter Nesbitt, Ellen Xanders

Computer/Technology Use

Samira Phillips


Robbye Horowicz, Noreen Potempa, Monique Shapiro, Co-chairs; Howard Berkowitz, Sanna Henderer, Carol Kinne, Barbara Purkey, Ellen Reynolds, Perthean Toins-Banks, Rachelle Work

Integration of Visual Arts with Thematic Studies

Georgia Chantiles-Ruby

Lower School Science

Emily Biscoe, Sharen Pula, Co-chairs; Peter Babcox, Megan Ford, Julie Gill, Marcia Holden, Marilyn Milton, Jan Morrison, Bonnie Rosenblatt, Lou Rosenblatt, Meg Zerhusen


Computer-Aided Design

Garry Cerrone, Bill Mack

Lower School Science Program

Bonnie Rosenblatt, Chair; Peter Babcox, Hillary Barry, Emily Biscoe, Anne Fogg, Julie Gill, Jan Kenny, Susan Koh, Sharen Pula, Lou Rosenblatt

Middle and Upper School Mathematics

Marshall Gordon, Jeff Zerhusen, Co-chairs Jack Bigelow, Bob Cushman, Paul Hulleberg, Webster Johnson, Audrey Lim

Moral Education

John Roemer, Chair; Megan Ford, Brooks Lakin, Deborah R., Rachelle Work


Cross-divisional Science Project

Julie Gill, Samira Saliba Phillips, Co-chairs; Peter Babcox, Bob Carter, Anne Fogg, Jean McBean, Ellen Reynolds, Lou Rosenblatt

Gender and Literature in the Middle School

Robbye Horowicz

The Joy of Teaching Sex: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Deborah R.

Learning Through Language: A Proposal to Examine Theory and Practice

Nadine Feiler, Chair; Hillary Barry, Marcia Holden, Barbara Hoyt, Richard Johnson, Susan Koh, Sharen Pula, Peter Warren, Rachelle Work


Community Service

John Roemer, Chair; Peter Babcox, Bonnie Rosenblatt, Peter Warren

Gender Issues

Ellen Reynolds, Chair; Butch Ashman, Howard Berkowitz, Emily Biscoe, Stephen Brown, Bob Carter, Megan Ford, Robbye Horowicz, Lucky Mallonee, Deborah R.

Testing Extended Analysis of Student and Group Data

Jack Bigelow, Jeff Zerhusen


Primary/Elementary Mathematics

Marshall Gordon, Sharen Pula, Co-Chairs Hillary Barry, Emily Biscoe, Anne Fogg, Julie Gill, Susan Koh, Bonnie Rosenblatt

Tests and Measurements

Jack Bigelow, Chair; Paul Hulleberg, Bill Mack, Jeff Zerhusen

Middle School Computer Textbook

Samira Saliba Phillips



Marshall Gordon, Chair; Jack Bigelow, Carol Bouma, Larry Gilbert, Robbye Horowicz, Judy Jablon, Marilyn Milton, Sharen Pula, Jeff Zerhusen