Park’s International Student-led Arctic Monitoring and Research Program Awarded $156,000 Grant

Park’s International Student-led Arctic Monitoring and Research (ISAMR) program was recently awarded a $156,000 grant by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NERSC) of Canada to support the program over the next three years.

The ISAMR program is a coalition of students, teachers, and professional researchers working on a projected 30-year study of the subarctic climate. The unique extra-curricular program is an opportunity for students to travel to the edge of the Arctic Circle to conduct original scientific research.

“The generous funding provided by NERSC is crucial to our program and we’re extremely grateful for their support,” Julie Rogers, ISAMR co-founder and Park Upper School science teacher said. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to learn about climate change outside of the classroom.” 

Twice a year, Park’s branch of ISAMR travels to Manitoba, Canada, with Kelvin High School and the Junior Canadian Rangers, both of Manitoba. In August, the trip focuses around permafrost and vegetation research to create a predictive model for the Active Layer Thickness, the layer of ground above the permafrost, which freezes and thaws annually. In October, the trip is centered around a less-invasive polar bear mark-and-recapture technique developed by Dr. Jane Waterman of University of Manitoba. 

The program was co-founded in 2007 by Park Upper School science teacher Julie Rogers. Additional funders include University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan, Sustainable Development of Manitoba, and Johns Hopkins University.

To learn more about the ISAMR program, visit

Click here for coverage of the program on WJZ-13.

Photo courtesy of ISAMR

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