Tuition Assistance

Since Park’s founding in 1912, the school has sought to enroll the most capable and talented students. By supplementing family tuition contributions, our Tuition Assistance Program seeks to make a Park School education affordable for families from a wide range of economic backgrounds.

Our Tuition Assistance Program supports students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. In 2023, over $7 million was awarded to 340 students, including 45 new students. Household incomes for students participating in the Tuition Assistance Program range from under $35,000 to over $180,000.

At Park School, we understand that affordability is relative, and each family situation is unique. For this reason, Park is committed to using a personalized assessment process to calculate tuition assistance. While every family is expected to pay some portion of education costs, these need-based grants help bridge the gap between what families can reasonably be expected to contribute and the full cost of a Park education.

Determining Family Contribution

To be consistent, objective, and equitable, Park, like many independent schools, relies on the needs analysis of School and Student Service by Community Brands (SSS). SSS considers many factors when estimating a family’s tuition contribution. The most significant of these is family income, but others include:

After an allowance is made for basic living expenses and taxes, the remaining funds are considered discretionary income, a portion of which is assumed available for education.

Because additional factors not evaluated by SSS may influence the amount of discretionary income available for education, we require further information be submitted as part of the tuition assistance application by way of a supplemental form. Therefore, Park’s calculated parental contribution may differ from that of SSS. For example, Park will add a full-time income for a parent able, but not currently working, and will disallow losses attributable to second homes, investment properties, hobby businesses, and certain types of depreciation. On the other hand, Park may allow certain expenses that are disallowed in the SSS calculation. We recognize that numbers on paper do not always paint an accurate financial picture. Therefore, we encourage you to speak with the Director of Enrollment Management and Tuition Assistance to ensure information is complete, accurate, and clear.

How to Apply

All families, whether currently enrolled or applying for admission, apply online for tuition assistance. The benefit of electronic filing is that Park receives information accurately and quickly, allowing for a prompt decision about your eligibility for tuition assistance. 

Beginning on September 1, 2023 apply at solutions by sss.

This secure website provides clear step-by-step instructions and online help to ensure successful submission of information. Note: Our school’s SSS code is 5668.
Application deadline is December 1
, 2023.

Any other questions should be directed to our office. Please call 410-339-4130 to schedule an appointment with the Director of Enrollment Management and Tuition Assistance.

Notification of Tuition Assistance Awards

Notification of tuition assistance determination to new admission applicants is included with decision letters available February 15, 2024. This includes currently enrolled families with a child newly applying to Park, regardless of whether the family is already participating in the tuition assistance program. Once a family accepts a grant, the school will confirm it after reviewing the family’s state and federal tax returns. The tax documents, including all schedules and W2 and 1099 forms, should be uploaded to the family’s SSS account by April 1, 2024.

Unless awaiting an admission decision for additional children, currently enrolled families already participating in the tuition assistance program will receive a preliminary award letter during the re-enrollment period in January 2024. The award will be finalized after the school has reviewed the family’s 2023 federal and state tax returns. The tax documents, including all schedules and W2 and 1099 forms, should be uploaded to the family’s SSS account by April 1, 2024.

Currently enrolled families new to the tuition assistance program are notified of funding decisions by the third week of March 2024.

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