Upper Schoolers Launch Centennial Initiative, “The School We Have in Mind”

Upper Schoolers Launch Centennial Initiative, “The School We Have in Mind”

“The School We Have in Mind,” called “2-1-2” for short, is an educational adventure created by Upper School students. Using a 2-1-2 format (two school days in the fall, one in the winter, and two in the spring) Upper School students and faculty will engage in year-long projects focused on who we were, who we are, and who we aspire to be (where “we” = Park School). Each group will share a product or discovery with the Park community at the end of the process. The Student Centennial Committee worked over the course of the 2011–2012 school year to develop, present, and refine the idea; build support; deal with logistics; win faculty approval; and construct a rigorous planning and application process. The undertaking is a wonderful and characteristic example of the way Park students, both then and now, have gotten involved, pursued passions and interests, and made big things happen.
Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19 mark the first days for the twenty-nine projects. To see the depth and range of the offerings, please visit the Project Catalog page that was constructed so that students could register for projects; scroll down to see brief descriptions: https://sites.google.com/site/parkstudentcentennial/project-catalog

This is work that will be ongoing, and the students will be keeping the community abreast of their work through blogs, assemblies, and a presentation-day at the end of the year.

Pictured:  The “Foreign Immersion” project gets underway, studying Postscripts from the Archive.

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