Students Present at ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver, BC

Students Present at ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver, BC

Park School students Johanna Busch ’13, Sofie Rudin ’13, Adam Lessing ’15, and Cory Silver ‘16, along with Upper School science teacher Julie Rogers and math teacher Anand Thakker, travel to Vancouver, British Columbia December 10-14 to deliver an oral presentation and participate in the 8th ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM2012).

The students’ abstract examining peatland vegetation-permafrost relationships in the Hudson Bay Lowlands is based on research conducted during Park’s annual Arctic trip.

An excerpt from the abstract:

Global climate models indicate that temperatures are rising, and as a result, permafrost active layer thickness (ALT) is expected to increase as the climate warms. Developing a model that relates ALT to vegetation and soil indicators will contribute greatly to our understanding of climate change impacts and will facilitate greater participation by citizen scientists in environmental monitoring. The objective of this research was to develop a model elucidating the relationships between changing active layer thickness, soil moisture, and vegetation cover in the Hudson Bay Lowlands of Manitoba, Canada, by engaging students as citizen scientists. 

Park students travel to the Arctic each summer and authentically contribute to the broader body of scientific information pertaining to Arctic ecosystems. The work raises ecological awareness while training future scientists and environmental stewards. Read the students’ blogs:


The central objective of ArcticNet is to contribute to the development and dissemination of the knowledge needed to formulate adaptation strategies and national policies to help face the impacts and opportunities of climate change and globalization in the Arctic. Inuit organizations, northern communities, universities, research institutes, industry as well as government and international agencies are engaged as partners in the scientific process and the steering of the network.

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