Park’s Upper School Arctic Researchers Journey to Manitoba for Summer Fieldwork Trip


A group of eight Upper School students and science teacher Julie Rogers are currently out on their summer permafrost research trip in Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park. Students in the International Student-led Arctic Monitoring and Research (ISAMR) program travel to Churchill, Manitoba, twice a year to monitor climate change in the subarctic region. The fieldwork trip on the edge of the Arctic Circle allows students to conduct original, scientific research through long-term projects that they work on year-round. 

The student group this year consists of nine Baltimore students, five students from Kelvin High in Winnipeg, and four Junior Canadian Rangers from Churchill. Adam Lessing ’15 is also on the staff of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre as a science intern and will be joining the group for the two weeks they’re staying at the Centre.

This summer, Parks Canada agreed to sponsor the ISAMR group by providing helicopter transport to diverse habitats in Wapusk National Park for permafrost sampling. In exchange, they’ve asked ISAMR to teach them the sampling methods and to share the data set for education purpose.

To read the group’s trip blog and view videos, visit

Photo of hiking on the Hudson Bay courtesy of ISAMR.

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