Park’s Arctic Researchers Return to Northern Manitoba

Park’s Arctic Researchers Return to Northern Manitoba

On Tuesday, July 31, Park teachers Julie Rogers (Science) and Anand Thakker (Mathematics) and nine Park students travel to Northern Manitoba on a two-week field research mission. For the first time, the group includes two students and one chemistry teacher from the Northwest School in Seattle and a student and chemistry teacher from Kelvin High in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This year, the researchers continue Park’s ongoing permafrost and toxicology studies and also expand the scope of their scientific work to include a study of the Arctic hare population in a partnership with the University of Manitoba. Further, the students are working with Parks Canada to assess the impact humans are having on Wapusk National Park and particularly the polar bear population there. (About 50 people set foot in Wapusk each year and Park students represent a good portion of those people!) Follow the Arctic Blog:

Please note that  the team won’t be able to post as they travel or while in Wapusk.

Each year we need to have some students returning to the Arctic to help maintain a high degree of integrity in our data collection techniques.  This year, the returning students are:

Megan Philippi ’14
Christopher Mergen ’14
Akira Townes ’13

Kat Whitney ’08 will be joining us again as a chaperone (she was a participant on the first Arctic Trip in 2005). In addition to chaperoning, she’ll be our videographer and photographer.

The new participants are as follows:
Adam Lessing ’15
Will MacKay ’15
Jessie Lamworth ’14
Amani Lawson ’14
Johanna Busch ’13
Sofie Rudin ’13

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