MIT Mathematics Professor Gil Strang Visits Park


Gil Strang, distinguished MIT mathematics professor, winner of multiple prizes for research, for teaching, and for service to the profession, came to visit Park’s Linear Algebra class on Tuesday, March 3. Our linear algebra students have been learning this technical and beautiful subject at a collegiate level using Dr. Strang’s textbook Introduction to Linear Algebra, 4th ed.

At the instigation of their teacher, Dr. Katherine Socha, the class also used MIT’s OpenCourseWare to experience Dr. Strang’s MIT lectures. Dr. Socha contacted Professor Strang to convey how enthusiastic her students are about his book and his online lectures and to ask if he would be speaking anywhere near Baltimore this year so the students could hear him in person. Professor Strang kindly responded that he could come to Park! And so he did! Park’s Upper School mathematicians had a great day, starting with a series of questions about why linear algebra is different from calculus, what is so beautiful about linear algebra, and how Professor Strang has made linear algebra a shining center of his work as a professional mathematician. Professor Strang stayed through lunch to visit with other interested mathematics and physics students before making his way back to snowy Boston. We are grateful to Dr. Strang for making the special effort to join us here at Park.

To learn more about Dr. Strang, visit his webpage: 

Dr. Strang’s cv: 

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