Supporting the
Civil Rights Trip

Since 2004, students and faculty from Park School, Baltimore City College High School, City Neighbors High School, and Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women fundraise, study, and prepare for a trip through the South visiting sites and meeting people that were – and are – important to the Civil Rights Movement.

What they experience is used as a springboard for discussion about activism and ways we can tackle current civil rights issues in Baltimore and beyond.

If you would like to support The Civil Rights Trip, please consider making a donation.

Please note: Donations made on this page support The Civil Rights Trip program, and do not support trip payments for specific students. If you would like to make a trip payment for a specific student, please click HERE

Thank you for contributing to this important and life-changing experience for our students.

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability,
but comes through continuous struggle.”

—Martin Luther King Jr.

“The Civil Rights Trip embodies experience-based learning. It was an unforgettable week with lessons of accountability, empathy, and compassion that still structure how I view the world today. This trip instilled in me a deep desire to empower change in the world through just education.”

—Post ’19

“When I was a student at Park, The Civil Rights Trip urged me not only to consider but to question how ‘history’ embeds itself in the world we live in today. The trip has continued to affect my work and values ever since I went on it. I chose to study anthropology and focalize Baltimore as my area of study, for several years at the beginning of college, I tutored incarcerated folks at Central Booking, and nowadays, I volunteer with Baltimore Jail Support.”

—Xandi Egginton ’18

“The Civil Rights Trip lit a fire in all of us to bring what we saw and heard into our lives moving forward, and those memories continue to serve as inspiration to me in the continued work we all must do.”

—Mahey Gheis ’18

“This trip has inspired me by showing me the courage that these people had by fighting the government and the ruling majority for their fundamental rights. It inspires me to know that these people are just like any one of us: they came from all walks of life but shared the same motivation to accomplish what they deserved, to be seen as equals in everyone’s eyes. It makes me feel inspired to know that any one of us can make a change in the world, all that we need to make a change is to be motivated and inspired enough to want to make the world a positive place for everyone to live in.”

—Tomas Quintero ’19

“The trip encapsulated everything that the movement stood for: community, progression, and empowerment. It was an honor to learn history in places with such deep historical significance.”

—Atira Koikoi ’17

“This trip has taught me more about the Civil Rights Movement and enslavement than any school lesson has ever taught me.”

—Lila Goles ’22

Thank you to the many Civil Rights Trip donors and sponsors for generously contributing to this important and life-changing experience.