The college application process has many components.

The first step is deciding where to apply. Before deciding, students should do thorough research, which involves reading, talking with people, and meeting with College Counselors.

The College Counseling office helps students with this process.

TO BEGIN YOUR RESEARCH, please see the list of resources that the College Counseling office has supplied. Another important component of the college research process is visiting schools, in person or attending virtual visits. 

Students should also think about whether they want to apply Early Decision, Early Action, Priority, or Rolling.

Once students have decided on the schools to which to apply, they will need to consider:

NO SINGLE FACTOR determines whether a student will be accepted at a particular college. In making decisions, admissions officers are looking for applicants who match their particular schools’ needs and wants.

In determining how well a student is likely to fit, most colleges consider all of the following: