After-School Classes

Park offers enrichment activities after school to provide children with high quality afternoon experiences, created by Park faculty members and guest teachers, and to present opportunities to develop interests, cultivate talents, and strengthen social bonds.

Contact Information

Phone: 410-339-4195

Fax: 410-339-7098

After-school classes are offered on a trimester basis. The first trimester (fall) is shorter than the winter and spring trimesters. This is due to the fall athletic season beginning in the summer. Exact dates may change each year but will typically run as follows:

Please register online by the registration deadline noted for each trimester.

In the interest of fairness, we will randomly choose students for classes. Late registrants will be added only if space is available. 

Registration is not a confirmation of enrollment in the class. Confirmations/regrets will be emailed home following the registration deadline. 

We limit the number of children who can participate so that the activity itself is both fun and manageable. If an activity is oversubscribed, we compile a “first refusal list” and offer a space in the next trimester if the activity is offered. When signing up, please be sure your child can participate for the entire session. In the past, we have had the occasional instance when children have dropped out mid-session because of sports/music commitments. There will be no refunds for an after-school class following the first week of the class.  

If for any reason classes need to be made up due to cancellations (we will not reschedule classes due to inclement weather), they will be added at the end of the session and you will be notified. 
Should the class fee present a hardship to your family, please contact the Lower School office.


All students must be picked up in the carpool lane by 4:30 p.m. If a student is not picked up on time, they will be taken to Extended Day, and applicable fees will be charged. As always, regular Extended Day attendees will be delivered to Extended Day directly from the after-school class. 
All pick-up information will be included in your confirmation letters.


Parents should not send payment for after-school classes with the registration. Should your child register and be accepted into an after-school class, you will receive an email confirmation. Your Park School bill will reflect the charge for this trimester’s class shortly after the class has begun.