Lending Policies

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Checkout Period

Checkout is for three weeks. Books can be renewed, unless other patrons have reserved them.


We do not charge fines. Since we consider overdue book fines to be a negative reward for bringing back our materials, we do not charge them. We are always happy to renew materials or negotiate for lengthier checkouts. 

Overdue Notices

When materials are overdue, we send notices by e-mail. An overdue notice is not a bill. It is merely notification that the book is pretty well overdue, and that you should make every effort to return or renew it. We include the price for replacement and processing for your information only.


If materials are not returned after overdue notices are sent, the Business Office will send a bill for the cost of replacing and processing the lost books. Notices that come directly from the Library are not bills.

When you return billed books, we will credit your account within the school year during which the materials were borrowed.