Maryland law requires that schools test all occupied buildings that receive water from a public utility every three years for the presence of lead in all drinking water outlets. Park School recently completed testing throughout our buildings. Of the 212 outlets tested, four faucets indicated slightly elevated levels of lead in the water. These outlets are restricted to sinks (no drinking water fountains, ice machines, kitchen sinks, or any outlets used for food preparation) that are located in the Blaustein building. Two are in areas inaccessible to students; and two are located in a single Upper School science lab, not sources of drinking water. Per the recommendations of the Maryland Department of the Environment, we have posted signs indicating that the outlets are for hand washing only, and we have shut down the outlets out of an abundance of caution while we take remedial action. In the meantime, please know that all sources of drinking water in our buildings are safe. (May 2021)