PA Grants Program

The Parents’ Association (PA) strives to support student, faculty, and staff initiatives that enhance the student experience at Park. Through its Special Grant Program, the PA provides funding for a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities across the three divisions as well as across all student interests and pursuits.

Letter to Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dear Park Faculty, Staff, and Students,

For the 14th year in a row, the Parents’ Association (PA) is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support student, faculty, and staff initiatives that enhance the student experience at Park. Please note that, in order to ensure the PA Grant Program continues to align with divisional goals as well as the mission of the school, the PA has streamlined the program this year by setting three grant application deadlines, establishing specific funding priorities, and requiring approval of the appropriate Division Principal prior to grant application submission.

The 2023-24 PA budget includes $12,000 for the Grant Program, to be shared among the three divisions according to requests, needs, and funding priorities established by the PA. The PA raises funds to support the Grant Program and other initiatives through annual dues and events and programs such as School Pictures, Family Bingo, restaurant fundraisers, and seasonal sales.

The PA Grant Program is intended to be a flexible program that responds to student needs, and grants are considered on a case-by-case basis. In general, however, the PA will prioritize funding requests that:

In addition, please note that all grant monies awarded are for use during the 2023-24 school year, and all events and activities associated with an awarded grant need to align with all current school policies in place at the time the event or activity occurs. We encourage students to be active participants in the grant writing process; however, each grant request must be overseen, guided, and ultimately submitted by the requesting group’s faculty advisor, after receiving approval from the appropriate division Principal.  

To apply for a grant, the procedure is as follows:

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PA office at We look forward to working with you this year!

Missy Rohrbach
President, Parents’ Association