Kaylee Kisselburgh

Middle School Social Studies

As a sixth grade social studies teacher, Kaylee “helps students understand the world that they are currently living in, how it was shaped, and how diverse the ideas and cultures of our world truly are.” She helps students develop the skills of a researcher and historian, which include argumentative writing, research, and various types of historical thinking. 

Kaylee co-leads the AAA (affinity, alliance, and advocacy) group Gender Justice and coaches girls’ lacrosse. 

Kaylee came to Park School from Rochester, New York, after double majoring in History and Political Science and graduating with Honors from the University of Rochester. She then earned her master’s in Social Studies Education (Grades 7-12) from University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education. While there, she participated in programs that allowed her to teach and work with students, as well as research and learn about new teaching methods and ways to incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, technology, and SEL into her pedagogy. 

“Through my life thus far, I have gained many valuable experiences that I hope to incorporate into my curriculum and share with my students. I have traveled extensively and learned about many different cultures and have seen some incredible things; I hope to share that curiosity, interest, and understanding with my students.”
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Kaylee Kisselburgh
Middle School Social Studies
At Park since 2022
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University of Rochester B.S. in History and Political Science
University of Rochester M.S. in Social Studies Education (Grades 7-12)