Dr. Katherine Arner

Upper School History

Katherine teaches history in the Upper School, is co-class advisor to the Class of 2024, and is a faculty mentor for the Upper School Pride Club.

In addition to three core history courses, she teaches a wide range of electives: Queer History, Plagues and Peoples in World History, The Vietnam Wars, and Science in Modern Society, among others.

Katherine started out as an ESL teacher, working abroad in the secondary school system in Austria for two years after college. Engaging her passion for history, and a lifelong love of learning, she pursued a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, and stayed on to dabble in publication, museum curation, teaching undergraduates about writing and researching, and volunteering as a teacher and coach at local independent schools. 

”When I’m not on the ice, I am either immersed in a woodworking project or planning the next big camping trip with my amazing wife.“

Katherine received her B.A. in History and German from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Ph.D. in History and History of Science, Medicine, and Technology from the Johns Hopkins University. Having played ice hockey for most of her life, including on Wisconsin’s Division 1 women’s ice hockey team, she now participates in diverse pick-up leagues in and around Baltimore.  

Katherine has published several articles on the history of science and medicine, including:

  • Katherine Arner, et al, “The History of Atlantic Science: Collective Reflections from the 2009 Harvard Seminar on Atlantic History,” Atlantic Studies 7:4 (2010), 493-509.
  • Katherine Arner, “Making Yellow Fever American: the Early American Republic, the British Empire, and the Geopolitics of Disease in the Atlantic World,” Atlantic Studies 7:4 (2010), 447-471.
  • Katherine Arner, “Making Global Commerce into International Health Diplomacy: Consuls and Disease Control in the Age of Revolutions,” Journal of World History 24:4 (2013), 771-796.

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Katherine Arner
Dr. Katherine Arner
Upper School History
At Park since 2016
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University of Wisconsin - Madison B.A. in History and German
Johns Hopkins University Ph.D. in History and History of Science, Medicine, and Technology