Jenny Harbold

Fourth Grade Homeroom

Having taught children aged 3 through 18, Jenny has spent the vast majority of her career teaching fourth grade. 

Jenny works with Park’s fourth grade classes to run the school’s Community Service program supporting Viva House. She has served on several search committees, and on the committee to award summer grants under the school’s Faculty and Curricular Advancement (FACA) program. She has presented at AIMS Conferences.

Jenny has a B.S. in American Studies from Williams College with a minor in Art, and an M.A. in Gifted Education and Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She attended high school at the St. Paul’s School for Girls in Baltimore.

“[Fourth grade] is a sweet spot. Most adults will tell you that they loved fourth grade and their teacher. I have seen this love of school, teachers, and classmates in every group I have ever taught. They are curious, earnest, fair-minded, and kind. They love helping others — from their classmates to the folks at Viva House in Southwest Baltimore. I look forward to teaching, learning, and laughing with them every day.”
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Jenny Harbold
Fourth Grade Homeroom
At Park since 1998
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Williams College B.S. in American Studies
Johns Hopkins University M.A. in Gifted Education and Counseling