1st-3rd grade Park Connects Workshop and Parent Discussion

February 26, 2024

Simple, Science-Based Strategies for Raising a Resilient and Adaptable Kid

Monday, February 26  from 6-8 p.m. in the Middle School Commons

Please join Dr. Heather Tedesco and Lower School Counselor Amy Ancona for this informative workshop.

If we have learned anything from living through a global pandemic, it’s that today’s kids need to be able to manage challenges with confidence and composure. But how do we ensure that our kids can function well in both hard times and good times? Building from her book Raising a Kid Who Can, Dr. Heather Tedesco will show parents how they can help kids develop resilience and adaptability for a lifetime.

Following the workshop, the Parent Discussions will break out into single grade groupings. 

Heather Tedesco is a licensed Applied Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology. In her private practice, she works exclusively with parents to help them raise kids who can thrive while making parenting less stressful, more effective, and more enjoyable. Her specialty is simplifying the science into strategies parents can use right away and giving parents clarity and confidence in what to do and how we do it. She is the go-to parenting resource for many leading medical and mental health practitioners, co-author along with Dr. Catherine McCarthy and Jennifer Weaver of the book Raising a Kid Who Can, and is a sought-after speaker for schools, community organizations, and businesses. 

Dinner and childcare will be provided.  RSVP below by February 20. 

23-24 1st-3rd Grade Park Connects Workshop and Parent Discussion

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Event Name
1st-3rd grade Park Connects Workshop and Parent Discussion
Date & Time
February 26, 2024
6:00 PM-8:00 PM
MS Commons - 140
School Level
Lower School
Event Type
Park Connects