Testing Accommodations and Fee Waivers

Both the College Board and ACT provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Students must apply to receive these accommodations. In addition, students who cannot afford registration fees for standardized tests may apply for fee waivers or reductions. Those who qualify for such reductions and make use of them will automatically receive several waivers to use toward college application fees.

Testing Accommodations

Information on ACT accommodations may be found at https://www.act.org/aap/disab/.

Information on College Board accommodations may be found at https://www.collegeboard.com/ssd/prof/sat.html.

Questions about accommodations may be directed to Park School’s Learning Specialist, Karyn Fisher.

Fee Waivers

Information about SAT and Subject Tests fee waivers may be found at: SAT Fee Waivers. Fee waiver forms for these tests are available in the College Counseling office. Students may register twice for the SATs or Subject Tests with fee waivers.

Information about ACT fee waivers may be found at: ACT Fee Waivers. Students may register once for the ACT with a fee waiver.

Park School offers assistance to offset the cost of AP exams for students receiving Tuition Assistance. Students who qualify for ACT or SAT fee waivers will have AP fees waived, as well.