Community Agreement

The Park School of Baltimore

Community Agreement – Policies Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

2021 – 2022 and 2022 – 2023

As a Park community, we recognize that the decisions we make individually have an impact on both the physical safety and the social and emotional well-being of every member of the school. In keeping with our philosophy, we believe it is important for students, families, and employees to demonstrate positive expectations and to uphold community norms that promote the health and well-being of all. Our collective goal is to keep our community safe. Therefore, we recognize and accept our shared responsibility in achieving that goal.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Park School has implemented protocols that require students, families, and employees to adhere to certain practices to protect the health and safety of all community members. The school expects all students, families, and employees to support those practices at school, at home, and beyond. The school will continue to monitor current conditions and expert and governmental recommendations, and will modify expectations as needed, including implementing additional measures if necessary.

Therefore, we understand the importance of and agree to create and maintain continuity between school and home and the greater community, consistently reinforcing efforts to promote healthy choices and proven practices to limit any potential COVID-19 exposure and transmission.

All community members must commit to:

Following all on-campus protocols, including:

Students who cannot comply with these expectations may be asked to stay home. Employees who cannot comply with these expectations will be addressed by their supervisor according to school policy.

Adhering to all community-wide guidelines, including:

We must work together as a community. Failure to comply with these protocols, or additional measures deemed necessary, may put members of the Park community at greater risk to contract and/or spread COVID-19. As such, the school will address any failure to comply by either limiting or prohibiting an individual’s access to campus and, in extreme cases, separating an individual or a family from the school community. Each member of the Park School community shares responsibility for the health and safety of all.

This policy is included in the 2021-2022 Parent and Employee Handbooks.

*These agreements were created with the guidance of the Maryland Department of Health Response to Outbreak (updated August 28, 2020).