International Student Applicants

Our school was founded over one hundred years ago in response to limited choices for independent school education. From the start, this was to be a school open to many — with a varied student body that challenged the common practices of the time.

Just as important today, the school remains committed to sustaining a diverse environment where multiple perspectives are heard and considered. The school’s core values, rooted in the progressive educational philosophy of John Dewey, sustain an unshakable belief in children’s capacity to enjoy learning, to act rationally, and to grow when inspired by highly qualified, caring teachers. Our entire approach to education leads to a natural outcome of excellence.

International students are embraced and welcomed into the Park community. While every effort is made to support our international students both inside and outside of the classroom, the school does not offer ESL classes. International students participate in all of our dynamic and engaging classrooms as well as in co-curricular activities.

Park does not offer boarding facilities. International students either live with their own families, or with host families.


The application deadline for international students is January 1. Applications received by this deadline will receive an admission decision on February 15, 2024. Applications received after January 1 will be accepted; however, we will provide admission decisions on a rolling, case-by-case basis after February 16. 

Application Checklist

We look forward to getting to know you and your family, and to sharing what makes Park a unique learning environment. Students and families should complete the following steps to apply. (Note: a Zoom interview or school visit is scheduled only after the full payment fee is received and International Student Pre-Application Form has been submitted.)

Click HERE to begin an international application to The Park School. The application includes a payment fee of $125.
Transcripts must be provided for the current school year and the previous two years.
Submit admission testing:

• ISEE, SSAT, or SAT (choose one to submit)

• TOEFL or ITEP (choose one to submit)
Ask current teachers to submit the following referrals directly to The Park School:

Math teacher – Common Referral Form

Literature teacher – Common Referral Form (Note: This should be a teacher of a class in the student’s native language)

• English Language Instructor Referral Form
Schedule a student visit to The Park School or a Zoom interview if a visit is not possible.

International Student Application Forms