Style Guide – Veracross Composer

This guide is intended to support our efforts to make Park email communications efficient, readable, correct in form, appealing, and consistent. It should be used in conjunction with the Park Style Guide.

font color

For most communications, use Park School Brown (#522D24)

“Curly Quotes” and Apostrophes

Unfortunately, the default of many web-based content managers is to use hash marks instead of typographically correct quotation marks and apostrophes. We should make every effort to correct the hash marks before sending an email.


Rules (dividing lines or dividers) can be used to separate sections in a Composer email. We default to gray, “Solid,” “Normal” settings. Thickness should be 1px. Padding should be reduced whenever possible to be more visually appealing, and to decrease the expanse of the email.


The banner usually included in our communications should be unique to Park. That is, it should identify Park in some way…with a logo, phrase, or only-at-Park statement. Do not use unmarked images (plain photos) here.

Banners should be set at “Full” width.


Avoid empty appeals like “Enjoy!” Think about the action you want the reader to take (if any).

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Never send out an email without at least one additional proofreader.


Is there anybody to EXCLUDE from receiving this mass communication? Someone who has suffered a loss? Experiencing a difficult situation at school? 


While there is no set rule governing frequency of contact with a constituent group, it is imperative to keep in mind the potential negative effects of emailing people with Park news/business. We want to maintain good relationships, including the ability to continue to communicate via email (i.e. we want to avoid people unsubscribing).


When does it make most sense to send this email? Confirm with Communications.