Cafeteria News

Growing a Greener Park!

It is easy to say, (Lets do something good for the environment). Making it happen takes a lot of effort, diligence and persistence. At Park School, we are moving forward a step at a time.

It began with a first step by the Cafeteria to remove bottled water. This was to promote the use of water fountains and encourage students to bring personal refillable containers. Not only did this reduce the amount of plastic bottles on campus, it demonstrated that even in small ways we could start to impact the environment.

Next we got even bigger with our idea and moved toward eliminating of 90% of bottled beverages.

  • We now offer 100% (made fresh daily) all natural Waterworks beverages made on campus. (Flavored Water).
  • Also featured is a PowerAde Fountain Machine and other assorted all natural homemade products.
  • Republic of Tea Program (Freshly Brewed every day).

The goal to set an example for the students that healthy beverages can be made and that containers refilled rather than have a need to buy and use lots of bottles (it is good for the environment and it is good for you too!) is in full swing.

This year we will continue to have several food aware campaigns for the benefit of the children:

  • We will have sessions to teach them how to select a balanced diet and what the value of healthy foods means. With the Create your Plate Healthy program, students are given handouts and taught how to match up a healthy meal. This is a lesson for use the rest of your life.
  • There is the (Eat Local) promotion to demonstrate the use of fresh locally grown available produce. This one demonstrates what fresh items is available and ready right from their home state of Maryland.  We also use vegetables grown right on Campus, so the students get a really personal look at things.
  • Food Focus Program this year will be Street Foods from Around the World. Every month our cafeteria will be highlighting a lunch menu of food that you would find from street vendors throughout the world. Anywhere you go, you will find street food as an interwoven part of the local economy and culture.
  • (Fruit Matters) program is our new and easy way to promote students fruit consumption. From September thru June, a different fruit will be highlighted each month in the cafeteria. We are also offering a Lower School extended day cooking class each month we will make a homemade dish from scratch using the fruit of the month.

In September we will have our Third annual Challenge to Eat Local.  It is a week long program that offers items grown here in Maryland by local farmers.  The exact dates will be posted to the website.

Partnered with Park School, Flik Independent School Dining will continue to make more (green) progress and improve kitchen sustainability at every opportunity.  We look forward to everyones support, encouragement and most importantly, participation.