The Rothman Scholar Program Application

For Students Applying for Admission to Grade 9

The Rothman Scholar designation is a need-based tuition assistance award made possible through an anonymous donation to Park School to cover the cost of a four-year Upper School education. In addition to a demonstrated financial need, applicants for this honor should display intellectual curiosity and active engagement in their school and community.

To be considered for the Rothman Scholar designation, please submit this form and the documents listed below by December 15:

• Park School admission application in Ravenna (Required)

• Current and prior year transcripts (Required in Ravenna; parent copy may be uploaded below for initial review)

• A copy of the 2021 tax return for all parents/guardians (Required in SSS; a copy may be emailed to for initial review)

• Additional letters of recommendation; awards, and/or a resume of activities (Optional; PDF files may be uploaded below)

The Rothman Scholar Program Application

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Student Name*

Personal Statement: *

In the space provided, please write a personal statement (150 – 300 words) in your own words. The personal statement should highlight your strengths, interests, and anything that is unique or impressive about you. This statement will allow the selection committee to learn ways in which you stand out from other candidates, including academic awards and/or artistic, service, or athletic achievements. You may also use this as an opportunity to share any unusual obstacles or hardships that you have overcome and what personal characteristics (e.g. integrity, compassion, persistence) you possess that contribute to your ability to be successful.

Applicant Essay: *

In the space provided, write an essay on one (1) of the following topics:

  1. Museums or cultural centers often have exhibits featuring special topics for a limited time. You have been selected to design a new exhibit for your neighborhood museum. What topic of interest would you feature in your exhibit? Explain how your exhibit would enrich the learning of the community and its visitors.
  2. Success can be defined in many ways, and in some instances, people attempt something multiple times before they feel successful. How do you define success and what are some example of ways you have worked toward achieving success so far in your life?
  3. Identify an issue or concern in your community (school, home, house of worship, or society), and describe how you have worked or hope to work to affect it.

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