Adele Dinerstein

Upper School Music Chair and Assembly Coordinator

Adele is department chair for the Pre-K-12 music program, Upper School Music Director, and Upper School  Assembly Scheduler. She directs and leads three performing groups Parksingers, Eightnotes, and Park Jazz Collective (PJC), and teaches music electives. Each fall, she is musical director for the Upper School musical, a large-scale production. 

Adele’s varied class offerings run the gamut from performance to popular music. Her core courses include Accelerated Music Theory, Music in Film, Middle School Keyboards, Ethnomusicology, Songwriting, Music Performance, and Jazz, Blues, and Cool, among many others. She has developed and team taught several interdisciplinary courses with English teacher Angela Balcita: Bob Dylan and His Influencers, Women in Poetry and Song, and Voice.                                

Outside of curricular work, Adele is the faculty leader for the Park Arts activity, which is mainly responsible for Goldsoundz, a Friday evening performance event of eclectic student presentations that takes place six times a year. She also served on the Upper School Admission Committee for many years.

Adele has a bachelor’s degree in Music with a concentration in Music Performance (Piano) and an M.S. in Education from Johns Hopkins School of Education. As more research emerged about the effects of music on the brain, Adele strove to integrate these ideas into her pedagogy, which led to her earning a Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching as part of her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins. Her main objective is to “make opportunities for all students interested in music.” Adele is also the parent of two Park School alumni from the classes of 2006 and 2008.

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Adele Dinerstein
Upper School Music Chair and Assembly Coordinator
At Park since 1992
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Brooklyn College B.M. in Music
Johns Hopkins School of Education M.S. in Education